Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Tips and Ideas – Janmashtami Decoration Ideas 2020 At Home In Lockdown

Janmashtami 2020: Tips for decorating the temple of Bal Gopal on this Janmashtami.
On Sri Krishna Janmashtami, peoples Taken fasts, make various dishes and decorate small tableaux in their homes. These tableaux portray Kanhaiya’s child form and the events that took place during that time in different ways. But the most special is the decoration of the temple, where the little Bal-Gopal is worshiped.

On Wednesday, on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, preparations are going on in full swing in the houses. In such a situation, you may also be thinking of the idea of ​​decorating the tableau of Bal Gopal in your house and if you have not thought of anything so far, we can help you in this work. Here are some tips on decorating your home’s temple and Kanha’s palanquin.

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Decorate the temple with flowers.

Decorate the temple with flowers, the more colors you can get, the better it will be. But where Bal Gopal visits, it would be better to decorate it with yellow marigold flowers.

The outer part of the temple can be decorated with a garland of mogre. This will keep the fragrance around the temple for a long time.

Tableau rooms can be decorated with colorful curtains. For this, either buy curtains from the market or you can also use beautiful sarees.

Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Tips and Ideas - Janmashtami Decoration Ideas 2020
Janmashtami Decoration Ideas 2020

Kanha’s clothes should be bright colored.

Kanha can be dressed in silk clothes adorned with beautiful Gotapatti. The color of their clothes should be either yellow or bright colored. Inoculate with sandalwood on Kanha’s forehead.

There should also be a crown for Bal Gopal. If you want, you can also make a crown with flowers. Don’t forget to put peacock feathers in the crown. Without it all your decoration is incomplete.

A small Makhan matka and a clay cow or a silver cow can also be decorated near Bal Krishna.

Decoration Ideas for Krishna Janmashtami - Janmashtami Decoration ...
Janmashtami Decoration Ideas 2020

Yashoda’s Nanda Lala is the light of the world.

The idea of ​​keeping Shri Krishna with Yashoda ji is the best. Without mother Yashoda, the birth of Shri Krishna would be incomplete.

Can decorate the swing of Kanha with flower sticks and knots. If there is a place, then electric skirting can also be applied. Muslin cloth will be good to keep within the swing.

Many houses have their own throne of Krishna. You can decorate it with beautiful clothes, flowers and frills. If you do not have a throne, you will find many beautiful copper throne in the market.

Janmashtami Decoration Ideas 2020

Clean the temple and put the idols in order.

After cleaning the temple, stick some bright paper on the lower part. Clean the idols of God and place them in a sequence.
Also wash incense, incense sticks and lamps.

Before puja, decorate the prasad and the rest of the material in a big plate. Decorate the flowers in a separate plate for flower rain (Pushpa-varsha) on Kanha’s birth.

Krishna Janmashtami Ideas And Tips
Janmashtami Decoration Ideas 2020
Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Tips and Ideas - Janmashtami Decoration Ideas 2020

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