Kannada actor Rockline Sudhakar dies of cardiac arrest at 65 in Bengaluru


Actor Rockline Sudhakar died while he was involved in the ‘Sugarless’ shooting. Actor Prithvi Amber was also involved in the shooting. Actor Prithvi Amber has spoken about the incident.

Renowned comedian Rockline Sudhakar today left the world. Sudhakar was heartbroken when he was involved in the shooting of ‘Sugarless’, which stars Prithvi Amber in the lead role. The actor is like Prithvi. The ‘Diya’ movie star has spoken with Times of India about this.

‘We all ate breakfast together this morning. I ate a little today. Seeing this, Sudhakar asked him why he ate so little. And then we just talked like that. Sudhakar was laughing and talking to everyone today, ”said Prithvi.

“Suddenly, Sudhakar should rest. There was no response from him then. If we were taken to the hospital in an ambulance, it was late. Unfortunately he died of a heart attack, ”said Prithvi.

“I was shocked when Sudhakar said he had no other. How much time should I spend with this person in the morning? For a few hours it became like a dream. I am in their home. His funeral will be till the end, “he said Prithvi.

‘Sudhakar is a very happy man. This is not our first project. I had worked with him a long time ago. So all these are memories for me. Sudhakar was a Famous by the way. I liked them a lot. I really miss them, ‘said Prithvi.

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Rockline Sudhakar has acted in over 200 films including Udumba, Ajith, Topiwala, Zoom, Chamak and Fireworks. Sudhakar had been infected and treated with coronavirus a few days back. He was famous for his ‘Pancharangi’ cinema. ‘Sugarless’ film directed by Simple Suni is a heart attack for Sudhakar.

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