Yuvraj and Pietersen clashed, this is how the war went on on Twitter over favorite football teams

English Premier League: Manchester United lost 4-0 to Brighton in the English Premier League on Saturday. After this defeat, Manchester United are left in the sixth place in the league table and their chances of playing in the Champions League next year have also ended. This is because only the top-4 teams of the EPL get a place in the Champions League. With this, the chances of Manchester United qualifying for the Europa League are slim. Seeing this condition of Manchester United, former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen made a tweet enjoying the former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, on which there was a long debate between the two.

Actually, Yuvraj Singh is a big fan of Manchester United and Kevin Pietersen likes English club Chelsea. Last year too, there was a clash between these two over their favorite football club. Something similar happened this time also.

As soon as Manchester United lost in the EPL, Pietersen tweeted, ‘If anyone knows where Yuvraj Singh is, tell him that I am thinking of him in this bad time.’ Peterson also gave a laughing smiley with these words. In response, Yuvraj immediately replied. Yuvraj wrote, ‘Thank you friend, I also thought of you during the Champions League.’

In fact, Chelsea had to be out after losing in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Due to this, Yuvraj tried to make fun of Pietersen. Although Pietersen also did not stop here. He wrote, ‘Do you know what the Champions League is’, to which Yuvraj replied, ‘No, I don’t know, you have all the information about sports, why don’t you tell the whole Twitter world about it.’

On this Peterson writes, ‘This is a tournament where Chelsea plays, not Manchester United. This is the tournament where the best teams in Europe play. Pietersen wrote this because Manchester United were out in the ’round of-16′ of the Champions League this time and Chelsea had traveled to the quarter-finals.

This war of Yuvraj and Pietersen did not end here. It went on and on. For a long time, both the players kept telling each other’s favorite team that their favorite team was the best.

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