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When Rupali Ganguly was trolled badly due to obesity, now the actress said – who has the right…

Rupali Ganguly Fat Shamed: Even though becoming a mother is a matter of greatest pleasure for a woman, but due to this she has to face a lot of problems, one of which is weight gain. Women usually gain a lot of weight after pregnancy and delivery. It is a common thing to say, but because of this sometimes they also have to face trolling. ‘Anupama’ fame actress Rupali Ganguly has also gone through this phase.

Rupali Ganguly was trolled for obesity

Rupali Ganguly recently told in an interview that, when she gave birth to son Rudransh as her first child, she had gained a lot of weight after delivery. Although, he did not mind, but neighbors used to comment about his obesity. It was a matter of time when the actress was unable to breastfeed her newborn child. She used to eat a lot to breastfeed her baby. Because of this, his weight had increased a lot.

Neighbors commented on Rupali’s obesity

Rupali Ganguly said in an interview to ‘Bollywood Bubble’, “When I gave birth to Rudransh, I was 58 kg. After this I became 86 kg. Once I took my child out for a walk, I met some aunties in the neighborhood, whom I didn’t even know, she tells me, ‘Hey, you are Monisha, how fat ho ho ho ho.’ Who gives anyone the right to judge the mother? No one knows what a woman is going through.”

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