What were those things that Rishi Kapoor could not say at the last moment, crying Neetu Kapoor expressed pain

Neetu Became Emotional After Remembering Rishi KapoorNeetu Kapoor has once again remembered the days when she last spoke to her husband Rishi Kapoor. While narrating her pain in the show, Neetu Kapoor has told how painful that moment was for her. Neetu Kapoor has told this pain with tears pouring from her eyes and has told in an interview that- When and where was her last conversation with Rishi Kapoor? Along with this, Neetu Kapoor also told that Rishi Kapoor wanted to say a lot at the last moment but could not say it.

Neetu Kapoor told in her interview that my last conversation with Rishi Kapoor ji was in the hospital. That too on 13th April, that day was coincidentally our engagement anniversary. At that time Rishi ji was on ventilator. Alia and Ranbir were married on 14 April but Pooja took place on 13 April. Rishi ji had gone on ventilator on 13 itself.

Neetu Kapoor, while narrating her pain, further says that when Rishi was on ventilator and his treatment was going on, only Ranbir and I used to be in the hospital. It was not easy at all to see him go through this treatment. He wanted to say many things but could not express his heart. After living with Rishi ji for 45 years, it is very difficult for me to live without him.

Rishi Kapoor passed away on 30 April 2020 after fighting a long battle with cancer. That time was very scary for Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor. Neetu Kapoor still suffers a lot even today because of Rishi Kapoor’s loss from the family. Somebody or the other gets the memories of Rishi Kapoor to Neetu Kapoor.

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