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Kundali Bhagya Today Written Update, Preview, Promo, Zee5 Full Episode Spoilers

21st July’s Update: Coming Soon

Preeta rushes into the bathroom leaving everyone tensed, she starts vomiting, Rakhi turning to Dadi asks if she is sure and Karan turning asks why are they smiling, Rakhi asks if he has not understood that he is going to be a father as Preeta is pregnant, Karan is stunned when Preeta comes out apologizing, Rakhi hugs her congratulating her, Karina also hugs Karan, Rakhi explains that at her anniversary Sherlin witnessed the same symptoms, Kritika asks how is she so sure, Rakhi replies it is because she witnessed the same symptoms, Rakhi asks her to see the glow that is on Preeta’s face as it is that of a new child whom she is going to give birth, Dadi exclaims Rakhi is never wrong so asks Karina if she recalls she had the same symptoms and they were holding a pooja in the house when she fell, Dadi congratulates Rakhi asking her to come and hug her as she is going to become a grandmother.

Rakhi exclaims she feels that the Kundali Bhagya of the house will have a new start, Karina hugs her when Dadi exclaims that Sherlin desires to give her a gift but Preeta gave her the gift without asking, Dadi says that she will go to inform Mahesh about the good news, Karina exclaims he will get mad after hearing it, Dadi replies she is mad now and would get fine after the news, Rakhi also says she would go to Sarla jee in forming her about the news, she warns them to not say anything as she is the only one who has the right to inform Sarla je she is going to be a grandmother, Sherlin also says that she will go and inform Ganesh, which shocks everyone, Kritika is excited to be a bua so rushes to inform Prithvi, Karan sits down Preeta tries to say they should get the test but Karan stops her, he even doesnot attend the call, Preeta asks him to because he has started the business, he leaves saying he will come back really soon.

Janki opens the door to find Rakhi standing there, she is shocked, Rakhi asks if she would not ask her to come in, Sarla also asks who is it and is stunned to see Rakhi, she orders Janki to bring water for her before sitting on the sofa, Rakhi refuses to have the water, Shristhi is also amazed to see her asking what has happened, Sarla questions if everything is fine, Rakhi replies that she cannot resist coming to her knowing it concerned Karan and Preeta, Sarla asks what has happened, Rakhi replies they came to know when Karan shouted, Sarla immediately asks if Karan yelled at Preeta, Rakhi explains they came to know that Preeta is getting really fat and as they know that women tend to get fat after the marriage and it is very difficult to reduce the weight, Janki explains she also saw a movie in which the husband left the wife because she got fat, Shristhi explains they know that Karan is a really big start but cannot understand why Karan would have a problem with it, Sarla asks them to stop as they are talking nonsense.

Rakhi is tensed, Janki explains that she has understood but why is Karan trying to find any problem in Preeta if he is having an affair, Sarla asks them to stop talking then questions Rakhi what is the matter because if he does anything wrong with her, she would never forgive him and even slap him, Janki explains she saw it in the English movie, Sarla stops them both, Rakhi starts laughing at which Janki explains that she smiled after three months, Rakhi reveals she was even smiling before, Sarla in a state of confusion once again questions her asking what has happened, Rakhi replies she did not say anything and now would reveal that there is going to be another child after Shristhi who would tease her a lot, but would not call her as maa but she would be a grandmother, Shristhi and Janki are really excited to hear the news, Sarla immediately hugs Rakhi after hearing the news and starts crying, Sarla exclaims this means Karan and Preeta are going to be parents, Sarla says she would leave to get the sweets but Rakhi asks how can it be that the grandmother come empty handed so she has brought the sweets, they all celebrate but Sarla explains that Preeta did not tell her, Rakhi mentions she asked them to not reveal the news until she herself meets Sarla, she also asks them to come to their party as their would be a party, in which along with the celebration of Maa birthday they would also celebrate the birth of a new child, Rakhi invites them to come, Sarla mentions they would have come even if she had not invited them, Sarla mentions that she will also come with the sweets and Rakhi leaves wishing them all.

Dadi is making Preeta wear the black ribbon, karan asks what she is doing so Dadi asks him to not tease her at all otherwise she would punish him, Karan sits down asking her to not be worried as she must remain happy, and they will also perform the test but not now.

Sherlin calls Prithvi informing him that the favourite wife is pregnant, Prithvi immediately at once asks her to not joke as he came to Dubai just after his marriage at the first night and has been staying here for the past three months and was not even able to spend the night, Sherlin replies that Preeta is pregnant, Kritika calls him, he places Shelrin on hold and starts talking with Kritika, she exclaims she has a good news to in form him but he replies he knows Preeta is pregnant, Kritika ask show does he know it, Prithvi replies there is just a common sense and since he and Rishab are in Dubai and London, only Karan is with Preeta jee, she exclaims he is really clever, he once again placing her on hold starts talking with Sherlin who is fighting with her, Kritika gets mad seeing her.

Shristhi is not able to resist so calls Preeta, but she is not answering, Sarla ending the call asks why she is so calm when Sarla explains Shristhi doesnot know how eager she is to meet Preeta knowing that the child who she gave birth to is about to be a mother, she just desires to kiss Preeta hugging her but must wait, she orders them to close all the doors as they must leave.

Prithvi ends the call with Sherlin, he explains that it was a call from headquarters, she explains that she saw Sherlin talking with Rishab, and she was so rude which she doesnot like, prithvi tries to explain that she is her Bhabhi, but Kritika explains she doesnot like when Prithvi defends her and ends the call, Prithvi exclaims he is really innocent and they both would eat him alive, he cannot do anything about them.

Precap: Preeta exclaims they can confirm from the test if she is actually pregnant, Karan assures her she is pregnant but agrees to Preeta, she comes out of the bathroom and Karan asks what has happened, Shristhi confronts Sherlin saying the road on which she tried to kill Preeta was pushed in front of the tuck by Mahira, Sherlin is left stunned.

Kundali Bhagya 20 July 2021 Written Update, Preview, Promo, Zee5 Full Episode Spoilers

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