These Pakistani films got a big setback as soon as the Hollywood film ‘Doctor Strange 2’ was released

Pakistan Film Industry: Hollywood film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has dominated the worldwide box office. The film has done a business of more than 3400 crores worldwide on the first weekend. Apart from this, this film is also earning well in India, but in Pakistan this film has posed a big threat to the film industry there. The release of this film has dealt a big blow to about five Pakistani films.

Due to Doctor Strange 2, screens of five films released on Eid in Pakistan have been reduced. Doctor Strange is being shown in most theaters and multiplexes. After the epidemic, five films were released in Pakistan on the occasion of Eid. Of these, one is Punjabi and four are Urdu films. These films had benefited from the holiday on Eid and then Saturday and Sunday and were earning well.

Pakistani films were getting a good response from the people, but after the release of Doctor Strange 2, 50 percent of the screens in many circuits and 100 percent of the screens in many came under the share of Doctor Strange 2. After this, the filmmakers there have raised their voice against it.

Members of the Pakistani film industry recently held a press conference regarding this matter. During this, he criticized the preference given to external films over local films. During this, he said that other countries give priority to saving their film industry. During this, the filmmakers made it clear that we are not against foreign films, only want local films to benefit.

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