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Scarlet Nexus Demo: How To Download Demo On PC, PS4, And PS5

Scarlet Nexus is one of the most likely headlines set to reach out in June, and the big news for Microsoft gamers is that a demo is already available on Xbox One and Series X. While Microsoft players can experience and enjoy the sample right now, the good news is that PlayStation fans will be able to download the same Scarlet Nexus demo very soon. Here you’ll explore how to download the playable sample unit on PS4 and PS5.

As for what the upcoming headline is all about, it’s an action RPG that will see you battle mutants named the Others. The PlayStation website brags regarding deeply customizable psychic combat and an extraordinary story-driven experience, and the game’s majestic occasion animation has been released.

There’s been lots of big buzz about the game so far, and below you’ll discover how to download the Scarlet Nexus demo on PS4 and PS5.


You can pre-order Scarlet Nexus before it’s released.

If you wish to pre-order Scarlet Nexus, know that there are two editions ready.

The Standard Edition costs £49.99, and early buying the game will bag you the following bonuses:

  • Attachment Set “Shoulder Baki (11)”
  • Special Battle Attire Set -Audio-
  • Attachment “Face Vision Seal”
  • Attachment “Dream Catcher”

Meanwhile, the Deluxe variant of the game costs £59.99, and it comes with the same rewards plus the following:

  • Brain Punk Bundle
  • Additional Attachment “The Other”
  • SAS Plug-in Variations (3)

All of the above comes via the PSN store.


You can download the Scarlet Nexus demo on PS4 and PS5 come May 28th.

Curious players will be able to download the Scarlet Nexus demo for either PS4 or PS5 from the PSN store to taste just a sample of the game’s exciting combat and story.

As for how long the playable sample will last, you will not be able to progress any further than the first boss.

However, there does appear to be replay value as you will be able to control either Yuito or Kasane.

Yuito is said to fight via close-range attacks thanks to his swords, and he can also borrow Pyrokinesis, Teleportation, Clairvoyance, and Sclerokinesis powers from his team members.

Meanwhile, Kanase uses mid-ranged attacks with flying knives. She can use Electrokinesis, Hypervelocity, Invisibility, and Duplication powers depending on her party.

Scarlet Nexus Demo: How To Download Demo On PC, PS4, And PS5

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