Sona Mohapatra came out in support of Ira Khan, gave a befitting reply to the trollers

Sona Mohapatra Supports Aamir Khan Daughter Ira Khan: Aamir Khan Daughter’s darling Aira Khan has recently celebrated her 25th birthday. Ira Khan may not have made her debut in Bollywood, but she seems very active on social media. In such a situation, Ira Photos shared many of her pictures on social media, which are becoming fiercely viral. As soon as the pictures of Ira Khan Birthday Photos surfaced, people started trolling her. It is known that during this time not only Ira Khan but also Aamir Khan has to be trolled a lot. Actually, in the pictures which are going viral on social media, she is seen wearing a bikini.

In such a situation, people are seen teaching Ira the ways of society, they say that how the daughter should live around the father. At the same time, some people are also seen supporting Aira. Now well-known singer Sona Mohapatra has broken the silence in this whole matter, as well as she has reprimanded those who say the opposite. Sona Mohapatra supported Ira Khan through Twitter. He has put his point in front of the people. In the post, Sona has written – clothes of Aira Khan’s choice..or whatever Aamir Khan said… are over..

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An adult woman, a free minded…experimenting with her own choice. She doesn’t need her father’s or your approval. Go away.. As soon as Sona Mohapatra tweeted this, everyone Got involved in his support. Everyone is starting to say that in the words of Dum Hai Sona Mohapatra, everyone has the right to live in their own way. One social media user wrote – I respect your views. The amount of frankness with which you put forward your point, it is commendable.

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