So is the Krishna-Govinda dispute not getting resolved because of this? The comedian said this thing

Krushna Abhishek On Govinda Fight : Krushna Abhishek, who became famous from house to house by playing the character of Sapna in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, is a well-known comedian of the TV industry. Krishna is often in the news for some reason or the other, but the most discussed is the quarrel between him and his maternal uncle Govinda. This cold war that started between the two families years ago has not ended till date.

There is often some rhetoric coming out from both the sides. Although in the midst of these rhetoric, Krishna often says that he loves his uncle very much and misses him very much, he wants everything to be fine between them. Now recently, Krishna has once again talked about the rhetoric between him and his maternal uncle and told that his words were always printed differently.

Krishna recently attended his friend and famous anchor Maniesh Paul’s show ‘Manish Paul Podcast’. During the conversation, Manish asked Krishna, ‘All the things that are going on about Govinda sir, I want to know from you that all these problems are going on, heartburns are going on, what is this? I think this should end’.

On this question of Manish, Krishna replied, ‘What is the problem, whenever I say something, then things are shown by adding cuts and pastes’. Krishna gets emotional while speaking this and says ‘Chichi Mama, I love you very much and miss you always. Don’t you ever go to the papers to see what is being written in the media. I miss only one thing. I want my kids to play with my mama. I want Mama to play with them. I know that he must also remember me, he will always remember me.

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