… so because of this till date Nana Patekar never worked with Sanjay Dutt in a film!

Sanjay Dutt Vs Nana Patekar: Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is counted in the list of veteran actors of the industry. Sanjay Dutt is also called by his fans Sanju Baba. In the recently released superhit film KGF 2, Sanjay Dutt once again won the hearts of people with his brilliant performance. Sanjay Dutt has completed 41 years in the industry. But do you know, actor Nana Patekar has not done any film with him till date and never wants to work with Sanjay.

Actually, the serial bomb blast in Mumbai in the year 1993 shook the whole country. Many people died in this blast. During this, the police arrested Sanjay Dutt and recovered AK-56, hand grenades, some bullets, magazines from his house. After this, this thing spread like fire everywhere in the industry. Although Sanjay told that he had kept these weapons for the safety of the family, he was scared.

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Nana Patekar had lost his brother in this accident, due to which he was angry with Sanjay Dutt. Nana Patekar once said in his statement that the crime he committed is scary. Nana had further said that why there is a different definition of justice for him? Laws are different for a poor man and different for me because I am an actor? Why is it like this?’ Not only this, according to media reports, Nana Patekar had raised questions on the pardon of Sanjay Dutt’s sentence. In an interview, Nana Patekar had said that even though Sanjay Dutt has served his sentence, he will never work with him.

The actor further told in the interview that if my wife had not taken another bus a while back, she would have also become a victim of this accident. Nana further said that he is not saying that Sanjay Dutt is responsible for this, but he has a hand in it and I am boycotting his film.

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