Shehnaaz Gill said, those who used to make fun of me earlier, today they make videos on my one liners

Actress Shahnaz Gill is once again in discussions. Recently, the cute chemistry between Shahnaz and Salman Khan was seen. Actually, it was a video of a function in which Shahnaz Gill tells Salman Khan in a very cute way, ‘Leave the car till me’. , However, Shahnaz has recently given an interview. In this interview, the actress has said that she is enjoying this phase of life. Shehnaz says, ‘I am enjoying this moment, that was the thing for which I was earlier yearning to become something, I should do something that people see, like,’. 
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Shahnaz further says, ‘Think that people who used to say that I do not know how to speak, I do not know how to talk, how is its accent? People used to laugh. So today I have become the same strength, haven’t I? So I think no one should be made fun of. Today people make videos on my one liners but all this has not gone to my head because I know that today I am here, tomorrow anything can happen with me’.

Is there any change in Shehnaaz after Bigg Boss 13? In response to this question, the actress said, ‘I think I am the same even today, purity is the same but I have improved a lot in myself, I was the best before, am still the best’. p>

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