Sapna Chaudhary was seen romancing on the terrace with her husband, watching the video, fans said – ‘Best couple’

Sapna Chaudhary Romanitc Video : Haryana Ki Aan Baan Shaan and Jaan Sapna Choudhary dominate social media every day due to their videos and photos. Everyone knows that millions of people are in awe of Sapna’s tremors, while Sapna also takes full care of her fans and often shares funny videos on her Instagram. In these videos, Sapna shows her personal life and sometimes professional. Now recently the dancer and actress has shared a very beautiful video on her Instagram, in this video neither she is showing her style nor is there any update related to professional life. Rather, in this video, Sapna is seen romancing her husband Veer Sahu Sangar. Vais Sapna keeps sharing her few videos and photos with Veer Sahu.

It is seen in the video that Veer Sahu is watching the sunset while standing on the terrace in an all black look, only then Sapna comes there and both of them look at each other with love and then watch the sunset together. During this, love and romance is clearly visible between the two, which the fans are finding very cute too. Sapna’s fans are giving a lot of love to her by commenting on the video and telling her the best couple. A romantic Haryanvi song is heard in the background of the video., View video.

Let us tell you that Sapna and Veer Sahu got married secretly in the year 2020. Both kept their marriage a secret for several months. After Sapna became a mother, it was revealed that she was married. They also have a son named Porus Sahu.

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