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Russia hurled bombs on Maternity Hospital, now all-round criticism

Blast on Maternity Hospital: Russia is being criticized around the world for the Russian bombing of the Maternity Hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine. Ukraine is promoting it as an example of Russian brutality. On the other hand, Russia argues that the hospital building was empty of patients and had become the home of the so-called Nazi organization Azov Battalion. That’s why he was targeted.

However, aside from the debate of claims on both sides, there is also a truth that amid Russian military action, the most fear is seen in Ukraine’s maternity hospitals. Where pregnant women come to give birth to children. Where medical facilities are given to newborn children. When the team of ABP News took stock of Kyiv Regional Maternity Hospital, the largest hospital in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, which has become a battlefield, the picture looked quite scary and difficult. is lying where junk is usually kept. Beds have been put in the corridor and arrangements have also been made for delivery in the basement itself.

Cannot use elevator during alert

Doctor Andrei explains that whenever the sirens of Air Red Alert sound, pregnant women and newborns are transported to the basement from the maternity room and ward on the sixth floor of the hospital. It is kept there until the message of everything being fine comes. Artemis, another doctor of the hospital, says that sometimes this exercise has to be done five to six times in a day. Cannot use elevator during alert. So one has to go by stairs only. Sirens rang several times last night.

Dr. Artemis shows a line of smoke rising out the window, saying that the fight is on. Our soldiers are doing their job and we are doing ours. Due to this crisis, the hospital has shifted its most innocent and weak patients to the basement itself. One room has been made a makeshift ICU. 7 children in need of oxygen sport and intensive care stay in this basement all the time.

The head of the hospital, Dr. Natalia, says that we cannot shift such small children from one place to another again and again. So they are being given medical facilities by keeping them in the basement itself. Every day 15-20 women are coming for delivery.

The way to reach the hospital in emergency is also not easy

However, the way to reach the hospital in an emergency in the city of Kyiv, which has turned into a fortress, is also not easy. There are checking in place, there are barriers, to prevent the path of the Russian army on the roads, even trams have been put up on the road. In such a situation, along with ordinary vehicles, the way of ambulance also becomes difficult. In the hospital for the safe birth of your child during the war, IN says that whenever the sound of explosions comes, then there is fear. For the safety of your child more than yourself. The hope is that the war ends soon and the children can have a safe and happy life. The bullets of the gun and the fingers wielding the bombs easily depress the trigger. But the battle to save every life is more difficult than taking a life.

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