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Putin’s opposition to Russian journalist is overwhelming, trying to scare by placing a severed head of a pig outside the house

Russia Ukraine Conflict: Russia’s attack on Ukraine is being opposed not only in the whole world but also in Russia itself. People are constantly protesting, criticizing this move of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Demonstrations are also taking place in many places regarding this, but the Russian government is taking a tough stand to suppress the protest. Where some journalists protesting have been jailed or heavily fined, some are being threatened. One such case of threatening a journalist has come to the fore. Here, outside the house of a well-known freelance journalist, some people kept a severed head of a pig.

The one who left it shown in the CCTV footage

The editor of Eko Moscow, Alexei Venediktov (66 years), said that they have done such an act to intimidate me and force me to leave the country, they want me to leave the country in trouble, but it will not happen. They will not be successful in their plan. According to the report, in a CCTV footage, a pig’s head can be seen outside Venediktov’s house, a man posing as a food delivery courier can be seen leaving it.

not afraid of pig’s head

Venediktov says that his simple wife removed all the things kept outside, cleaned the blood too, but all this action has been captured in our CCTV footage. He said that in 1994, Chechen extremists were even going to shoot him, but he was not afraid of it either. In such a situation, he is not afraid of the head of the pig. He laughed and said that despite being of Jewish origin, he still likes pork. At the same time, in this case, the person who is seen keeping the pig’s head in the form of food delivery in the CCTV footage, has been told of the Delivery Club company. On this, the Delivery Club company says that that person has nothing to do with the company. She has used clothes.

The channel was closed on 3 March

Let us tell you that the radio channel of Alexei Venediktov was constantly criticizing the Russian government. He had questioned the Russian government many times before the invasion. When the channel became more aggressive after the war, the radio station and its website were shut down by the Russian government on 3 March.

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