Nick Jonas adopts this trick to pacify daughter Malti, Priyanka Chopra likes this act

Priyanka Chopra loves Nick Jonas This Trick: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are one of the best couples. Recently both have also become parents. Priyanka and Nick’s daughter Malti has come home after staying in the NICU of the hospital for 100 days. After the daughter comes home, Priyanka and Nick are taking great care of her. Priyanka and Nick are not leaving their daughter alone. Nick is taking special care of daughter Malti. He tries a trick to silence her. Seeing this, Priyanka Chopra has become a fan of her style.

According to reports, Nick has consulted his brother Joe. To pacify daughter Malti, he sings songs for her and now it has become a very good bonding between father and daughter. Nick has come to know that his song not only makes daughter Malti sleep but also calms down when she is upset. As soon as Nick starts singing, she starts looking at him with her big eyes and starts smiling.

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Priyanka likes this act of Nick
According to the reports, Priyanka loves Nick’s performance that he keeps singing for his daughter all the time, sometimes without the guitar and sometimes without the guitar. He lifts her in his lap and sings a song for her. If reports are to be believed, Priyanka Nick’s family feels that another musician has come to their house because they like to listen to songs.

Let us tell you that on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Priyanka shared the first picture with Malti. Although he kept his daughter’s face silent. Priyanka shared the post and told about the health of the daughter and thanked all those people who were taking care of the girl.

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