Mahhi Vij receives rape threat, seeks help from Mumbai Police

Mahhi Vij Received Rape Threats : TV actor Jai Bhanushali’s wife and actress Mahi Vij has released a video on her Twitter account, in which she has told that a man not only hit her car but also threatened to rape her by abusing her. Mahi has openly told about this whole incident on Twitter and has also sought help from Mumbai Police.

Mahi has also shared the number plate of that person’s car in his video so that the police can easily reach that person. While sharing the video, the actress wrote, ‘This person hit my car, abused and then threatened rape. His wife got angry. Mumbai Police help me find this person who threatened us.

On Mahi Vij’s tweet, Mumbai Police immediately tweeted and asked him to go to his nearest police station and file a complaint. Responding to this tweet of Mumbai Police, Mahi told that she had gone to Worli police station and said that he would call her.

On Mahi Vij’s tweet, a user named Kajal Jain tweeted and said that he should not tolerate it at all. Talk about this issue. To which Mahi replied that when this incident happened, his son Tara was also with him and he was feeling very scared for Tara. Mahi’s tweets are becoming quite viral on social media.

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