Lock upp Munawwar Farooqui won, but why fans are calling Payal Rohatgi the real winner!

Lock Upp Finale: The real winner is the one who wins the hearts of the people. Yes, Payal Rohatgi is the real player of the show ‘Lock Up’, Payal’s fans say that she deserves the real victory, it is the lioness, who despite getting injured, played her game with full vigor till the end, which was the first From day one, she emerged as a strong player by enduring every oppression of this tyrannical prison with her truth and single-handedness. Who carelessly kept fighting against the wrong by supporting the truth. Against which all the prisoners of the jail were on one side. Who continued to rule in the harsh jail of lock up.
‘became everyone’s favorite player’ 
‘Someone said false then someone said to close the gutter’
‘Payal made surprising revelations in the show’
Payal Rohatgi’s astonishing and fearless revelations also kept her apart. In the beginning, there was a tantric worship done for career or the pain of never being a mother. Whether to silence Kangana Ranaut in the episodes of the show or to fight for the prisoner with her, Payal fought as a lioness in every arena and played such a game that all the chapters of ‘Lock Up’ will be mentioned, this player Hasina The name of the show will definitely come, which will really be called the real winner of the show.

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