IPL 2022: ‘The captain has no role now’, Jadeja’s shocking statement on Iyer’s revelations

won by 52 runs
However, this change was in favor of Kolkata and they won the match by 52 runs. After the match, Iyer talked about the difficulty of making frequent changes to the team lineup. He said that the team CEO also has a hand in choosing the playing XI and players. Former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja said he is not surprised as KKR CEO Venky Mysore is known to be involved in the team’s governance.

Let the CEO decide things
Jadeja on Cricbuzz "There is no surprise in this. He is the CEO of the team, if he wins the CEO gets compliments. It’s always been like this, we’ve seen examples of it being obvious before. "There are all kinds of opinions, some people think they shouldn’t be involved. Some people think that even the coach should not be involved in this, it should be the call of the captain. Some people also think that let the captain, you don’t know if he will be around or not, let the CEO decide things."

  • Jadeja said that it will be very difficult to tell big international players that they are being dropped. 
  • Australia’s Test captain Pat Cummins is one of the best Test bowler in the world. 
  • He has performed brilliantly in all formats. He was one of those players who had the longest spell.

It would have been very difficult to tell the player
Jadeja said "He is right, it is very difficult to tell a player that he will not play. Especially if that player is the best bowler in the world. Or he is playing T20 for India. Be it the captain, coach or CEO, it is very difficult. At least now we know that the CEO runs the team and not the captain. It is easy for us to understand, the next time we see the team in play, the captain has no role in this.

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