IPL 2022: After 55 matches, these three teams have decided to reach the playoffs! Know the condition of other teams

IPL Playoffs: A total of 70 matches of league stage are to be played in IPL. Out of these 55 matches have been completed. With this, the teams reaching the playoffs have also started appearing. Among them, Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans have almost reached the playoffs. At the same time, Rajasthan Royals also seems to be playing the playoff. Know here what is the condition of all 10 teams.

These three teams are almost certain to play the playoffs.
Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans have won 8-8 matches. If we look at the equations of the league stage, in the remaining matches, except Rajasthan and RCB, no other team will be able to win more than 8 matches. The net run rate of Lucknow and Gujarat is also better than other teams. In such a situation, it is almost certain for these two teams to play the playoffs. Anyway, in the 14 seasons so far, it has been seen that the team that wins 8 out of 14 matches in the league stage has always been playing the playoffs. Along with these two teams, Rajasthan Royals also seems to be playing the playoff. Rajasthan has won 7 matches and has three matches left. Rajasthan’s net run rate is also good. In such a situation, Rajasthan is not far away from reaching the playoffs.

There is a fierce struggle between these teams
Which will be the fourth team in the IPL playoffs? For this, there is a tough fight between the four teams. These teams are Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Punjab Kings. Bangalore has won 7 matches. At the same time, the other three teams have won 5-5 matches. Bangalore have only two matches left and other teams have 3-3 matches in hand. In such a situation, the race of the fourth team for the playoffs is going to be very fun.

KKR and CSK also have a chance
If we look at the equations of the remaining matches of the league stage, even after winning 7 matches, the team can qualify for the playoffs. KKR and CSK have won 4-4 matches so far. They still have 3-3 matches left. In such a situation, both these teams can reach the playoffs by winning all their remaining matches. However, they will have to depend on the results of other matches as well.

Mumbai Indians are out
Mumbai Indians have won 2 out of 10 matches so far. Even if he wins his remaining 4 matches, his total victory will be 6 only. At present, the teams included in the top-4 have won more than 7 or 7 matches. In such a situation, Mumbai has been out of IPL this time.

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