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Up Assembly Elections 2022 Second Day Of Priyanka Gandhi On Three Days Visit Of Lucknow

Priyanka Gandhi reached Lakhimpur Kheri

On the second day of the three-day stay in UP, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached Magalganj to meet the victim of the Pasgwan incident. On the way here, four kilometers before Magalganj, party workers, including the Congress District President, showered flowers on him at around 11 o’clock on the highway. Priyanka Gandhi, who arrived with a convoy of hundreds of vehicles, has now left for Semrighat Farm House to meet the victim. Where the victim has reached the house of former SP district vice president Kranti Singh.

Former SP District Vice President said – Priyanka Gandhi is coming forcibly

The victim woman has currently reached the house of former SP district vice president Kranti Singh. The police has also reached here. Kranti Singh says that Priyanka Gandhi is coming forcibly and the guest who has come home cannot be stopped. On the other hand, Kranti Singh, who was shocked by Priyanka’s visit, says that the SP flag is waving at her house and she is a SP. Whereas Congress President Prahlad Patel says that Priyanka Gandhi is going to meet him as a humanity and humanity.

The victim woman was not aware of Priyanka’s arrival

Before Priyanka Gandhi’s arrival, SP District President Rampal Singh Yadav told that he has no such information nor does his female candidate know anything about it. He said that he has been informed by the police that Priyanka Gandhi is coming to meet the victim woman.

Preparations complete to welcome Priyanka

Preparations have been completed to receive Priyanka Gandhi in Lakhimpur. Congressmen have gathered to receive Priyanka Gandhi on the highway, five kilometers from Magalganj.

Waiting for Priyanka in Pasgwan Block

Today Priyanka will go to Pasgwan block of Lakhimpur Kheri. According to Congress sources, she will meet the woman with whom she was molested during the block chief election. Their clothes were also pulled. People in Pasgwan block of Lakhimpur Kheri are waiting for Priyanka since this morning.

Earlier on Friday, during her visit, Priyanka Gandhi had fiercely targeted the UP government. He had said that the government in UP is destroying the Constitution. Democracy is being openly ripped off. He also described the state government as a complete failure in dealing with the second wave of Corona.

Yesterday the Yogi government was targeted

Priyanka had said on Friday that PM Modi, who came to UP, was given a certificate stating that the work of Yogi government on the front of Corona and development was good. What a good job this is. Panchayat elections were conducted during the second wave of Corona. A large number of people got infected. How many teachers who did election duty died. The elections were conducted thinking that the results would come according to the wishes of the BJP. If this did not happen, then the government spread violence in the election of district panchayat president and block chief.

The meeting was held on Friday evening

Priyanka had a meeting with the district and city president and state officials on Friday evening at the PCC headquarters. He had asked the officials to go to their homes to meet the families of those who died of Corona. Be a companion of happiness and sorrow. Distribute the medicine which was given for distribution properly. Keep taking care of old Congressmen.

Common public cannot forget the pain of Corona: Priyanka

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has targeted the Prime Minister’s praise of the UP government. He had tweeted that Modiji’s certificate cannot hide the truth of the Yogi government’s aggressive cruelty, negligence and disorder during the second wave of Corona in UP. People faced immense pain, helplessness alone. This truth can be forgotten by Modiji, Yogiji, those who have suffered the record of Corona, they will not forget.

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