Risk Of Corona Infection After Immunity Weak – Exclusive: Those with weak immunity should become alert, then the risk of corona infection hovers

Neeraj Mishra, Gorakhpur. Published by: vivek shukla Updated Wed, 21 Jul 2021 06:07 PM IST

People with weak immunity in the country are again at risk of corona infection. In the third wave of corona, people with weak immunity may be more prone to infection. In view of this, the Department of Microbiology of BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur has started functioning. Head of Department Dr. Amresh Singh says that immunity of 90 percent of the people who are in the grip of corona virus has become weak. Therefore, the risk of infection is high. The third wave may arrive by August-September. Now there is a need to exercise caution.

According to the information, herd immunity remains in the body for three months after corona infection. After this the effect of immunity decreases. Corona virus is fatal only in weak immunity. In Gorakhpur, Delta, Delta Pulse and Kappa Swaroop of Corona caused havoc in April and May. Read more related information in the next slides…

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