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Parliament Monsoon Session 2021 Live Updates: Govt Plans To Pass Many Bills In Lok Sabha And Rajya Sabha, Opposition Will Surround The Issue Of Covid 19 And Farmer – Monsoon Session 2021: Lok Sabha adjourned due to heavy uproar, could not even introduce new ministers PM Modi

11:45 AM, 19-Jul-2021

Lok Sabha proceedings adjourned till 2 pm

Lok Sabha proceedings have been adjourned till 2 pm amid ruckus by opposition MPs. As soon as the proceedings started in both the houses of Parliament, the uproar started regarding the second wave of Corona, inflation and matters related to China and spying of journalists and leaders. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh objected to the uproar when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was introducing his Council of Ministers in the House.

11:33 AM, 19-Jul-2021

Rajya Sabha adjourned

As Rajya Sabha proceedings began, tributes were paid to MPs and eminent personalities, including actors Dilip Kumar and Flying Sikh Milkha, who lost their lives this year. In the honor of the sitting members of Rajya Sabha, Dr. Raghunath Mohapatra and Rajiv Satav, who passed away recently, the sitting of the Upper House was adjourned for one hour till 12:24 pm on Monday.

11:26 AM, 19-Jul-2021

PM’s address in Lok Sabha amid uproar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address in Lok Sabha has begun. Amidst the huge uproar, PM Modi said, it is a matter of happiness that many Dalit brothers have become ministers. Many of our ministers are from rural environment, but some people do not like it.

11:20 AM, 19-Jul-2021

Parliament: Proceedings of both houses begin

Proceedings of both the houses of Parliament have started. Today is the first day of the monsoon session of Parliament. New MPs are being sworn in in the Lok Sabha.

10:48 AM, 19-Jul-2021

Verdict on these issues decided

The opposition has made a strategy to attack the government on issues like the chaos spread during the second wave of Corona, lack of vaccines, the ongoing tension on the LAC related to Ladakh, skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel and the new population policy of the states. The Congress is in constant touch with the opposition parties to launch a united attack on the government in Parliament. While the government has prepared to counterattack on these issues. In the Corona case, the government has prepared to counterattack by raising the issue of non-utilization of PM Cares Fund by the states, spreading confusion regarding the vaccine and charging huge revenue on petrol and diesel by the states.

10:48 AM, 19-Jul-2021

Parliament: These bills will be introduced

The government plans to introduce 14 new bills and get Parliament’s nod on three ordinances during the monsoon session. Two of these three ordinances are already in dispute. The government, through the Essential Defense Services Ordinance, has declared strikes illegal in ordnance factories manufacturing arms, ammunition, uniforms for the army. There is also a provision of imprisonment for two years for those who strike. Along with many trade unions, the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, a subsidiary organization of the union, has strongly opposed it. Now the government is preparing to legalize this ordinance in this session.

Apart from this, the government is also preparing to legalize the ordinance issued to curb the incident of stubble burning. There is a provision of heavy fine and punishment in the ordinance for burning stubble in the National Capital Territory and its adjoining area. Farmers’ organizations have been opposing this for a long time.

10:30 AM, 19-Jul-2021

PM said – give the government a chance to answer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Parliament to attend the monsoon session. Prime Minister Modi said that those who got the vaccine became Bahubali. You too become Bahubali by getting the vaccine. Also said that during the Corona period, the house should be dedicated for meaningful discussion. Said to ask sharp questions to all the honorable sharps so that the public can get answers to their questions. Also appealed to ask sharp questions, but also give the government a chance to answer.

10:20 AM, 19-Jul-2021

Petrol and diesel prices are touching the sky, TMC MPs will go to Parliament by bicycle in protest

Petrol, diesel and LPG prices continue to rise in the country. In protest, Trinamool Congress (TMC) MPs will go to Parliament on a bicycle today.

10:18 AM, 19-Jul-2021

Congress will surround the government on Pegasus

Congress leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on Pegasus hacking controversy: Our national security is in danger. I will definitely raise this issue (in the House).’

10:08 AM, 19-Jul-2021

Pegasus hacking controversy will resonate in Parliament, Rahul surrounds the government

This time in the Mansutra session of Parliament, there is a possibility of a fierce battle between the government and the opposition. Before the start of the session, a big issue has been raised in the hands of the opposition to surround the government. In fact, it has been claimed by the international media that many journalists, politicians and others were spied in India using Pegasus software. After this revelation, there is full possibility of uproar in the Parliament.

Opposition parties have demanded discussion on the subject in both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and an adjournment motion has been given. CPI leader Binoy Vishwam, RJD MP Manoj Jha, AAP MP Sanjay Singh and many other MPs have demanded discussion on this subject in Rajya Sabha. Apart from these leaders, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has also taunted the government by tweeting. Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet, “We know what ‘he’ is reading, whatever is on your phone. It is clear from the sharp attitude of the opposition that the government may have to face questions in Parliament on this issue.

09:56 AM, 19-Jul-2021

Monsoon session: Lok Sabha adjourned due to heavy uproar, PM Modi could not even introduce new ministers

Amidst the Corona crisis, the monsoon session of Parliament is starting from today i.e. Monday. During the monsoon session, the uproar is set for the second wave of Corona, inflation and matters related to China and espionage of journalists and leaders.

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