New Study Claims That Coronavirus Created In China Wuhan Lab – Sensational Claim: Corona Virus Found From China’s Wuhan Lab, Unique Fingerprint Found During Study

Where did the corona virus come from, was it made by humans or is it a natural disaster. This question is repeatedly arising in the minds of scientists and leaders from all over the world. But now there is a sensational claim that this corona has not evolved in natural form but it has been developed in Wuhan Lab. However, there have already been questions on China that the virus originated from the Wuhan lab itself.

The truth of China can be revealed by the revelations in this new study. According to the Daily Mail news, the study claimed that Chinese scientists had prepared a dangerous virus like Kovid 19 in the Wuhan lab itself and then tried to cover it up with the reverse-engineering version of the deadly virus, which seemed to be corona The virus evolved naturally from bats.

Found unique fingerprint
According to the news of the Daily Mail, the British professor Angus Dalgleish, who worked successfully on the HIV vaccine, and Dr. Birger Sorensen, a scientist at Nove, have done this study together. While the two were studying Corona’s samples to make the vaccine, they found a unique fingerprint in the virus.

At that time he had said that this cannot happen without tampering in the lab. He said that when he wanted to publish his study findings to the journal, many big scientific journals rejected it, because the corona virus at that time seemed to have come naturally from bats or animals to humans.

Not only this, after the mention of unique fingerprint was revealed, it was dismissed as fake news. But even after one year of corona, the voice has started getting louder that where did corona come from, was it really made in the lab. Recently, the US President has also sought a report from the intelligence agencies within 90 days regarding this.

Let me tell you that British professor Angus Dalgleish is a professor of oncology at St George’s University in London, then Norwegian scientist Dr Sorensen is an epidemiologist and chairman of the Immuner company, which is developing a corona vaccine, named Biovac- Is 19.

Data manipulation possible in Wuhan lab
In this study, sensational and shocking accusations have been made on China. The study claimed that China intentionally destroyed, hidden, and manipulated the data associated with the experiment in Wuhan Lab.

It says that the scientists who raised their voice about it were either silenced or disappeared by the communist country China. It is being told that this study will be published soon in the coming days.

Biden said whether the virus originated from Wuhan lab or not, report in 90 days
US President Joe Biden on Wednesday asked intelligence agencies to make double efforts to find the birthplace of the Kovid-19 (Corona virus) epidemic.

Biden has asked agencies to report the virus’s birthplace within 90 days. There is insufficient evidence to conclude whether it emerged from human contact with an infected animal or a lab accident that led to the epidemic, he said.

Biden said, “Most people in the intelligence community do not believe that there is enough information to assess what is true compared to one thing.” He instructed US national laboratories to help investigators and appealed to China to cooperate in international investigations.

America and Britain are pressurizing WHO
The United States and Britain have been under constant pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate the potential origin of Kovid-19 in depth. Both countries believe that the WHO team should visit China afresh to find out the origin of the corona virus.

The WHO and Chinese experts had issued a report in March last giving information about the four possibilities of the epidemic.

This joint team believes that there is a strong possibility that the corona virus has entered people via bats from another animal. The joint team said that it is highly unlikely that the virus was produced in a laboratory.

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