“mix and match” vaccine dose to be launched soon in the country

Ashish Tiwari, Amar Ujala, New Delhi

Published by: Prashant Kumar
Updated Sun, 30 May 2021 12:24 PM IST


“Mix and match” vaccine dose will be launched in the country. Under the “mix and match” system, one vaccine is applied to a company and the other vaccine is administered to a company. Research on this will start soon in the country. It will be implemented after its results.

Kovid-19 Vaccine
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If all goes well, there may be major changes in the corona vaccine given to people in the coming times. This change is not due to any other reason but it is happening in view of the dose of vaccine companies made by mistake. Scientists are now beginning to do this research that in the coming time, people should be given the dose of “mix and match” vaccine. Mix and match waxing doses mean that one vaccine dose is applied to a company and another vaccine dose is applied to a company. This system will be implemented only after looking at the results after research.

A senior member of the committee that monitors the vaccine system in the country said that it has been seen many times that giving vaccine doses of two different companies gives them strength and their ability to fight disease. It becomes more. Because in recent times, incidents of this manner have come up in different states of the country.

Exercise to increase strong immunity

Although these incidents have happened due to negligence, but no scientific side effects are seen on this basis. Senior scientist says that the mix and match vaccine will be studied in the coming times in the country. He says that our objective is to make strong immunity among more and more people. There is constant research for this. It will also be a part of the same episode.

Mix and match vaccine system will be started

Senior members of the Kovid-19 task force committee point out that vaccinating two different companies leads to “interchangeability”. According to a senior member of the task force, preparations are complete, it will be researched very soon. For the investigation, two different classes will be divided in terms of giving the vaccine and after that the results will be judged. He says that even in the old vaccination systems, it has often been seen that giving different doses of different companies does not have any side effect on the patient in any way. If this research is successful, then the system of mix and match vaccine will be started in the country.

By doing this, the entire protocol will have to be redesigned, from the timing of the vaccine application. However, members who have looked into the entire matter say that there will be no need to change the protocol of the vaccine. Members of the team monitoring the vaccination system in the country are constantly observing patients who have been given two different doses of different companies.

People will get big option

The team that researches this entire matter says that if everything goes well, the mix and match system will be implemented in the next few months. Because within the next 3 to 4 months more vaccines of many more companies are going to come in the country. With their arrival, this system will be strengthened further. Also, with the mix and match vaccination system, people will neither have to wait nor face troubles for too many vaccines.

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