Delhi Government Prepares For Third Wave Of Corona Cm Kejriwal Tells Will Train 5000 Health Assistants To Assist Doctors Know All About Them

Amar Ujala Network, New Delhi

Published by: Pooja Tripathi
Updated Wed, 16 Jun 2021 12:54 PM IST


The Delhi government has geared up for the third wave and is rapidly making new announcements every day to protect it.

Arvind kejriwal
– Photo : ANI


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The Delhi government is working on a mission mode these days due to the third wave that has come to many countries of the world and there is a strong possibility of coming to India. The Chief Minister of Delhi told in a press conference on Wednesday that to fight the third wave, the Delhi government will train 5000 health assistants who will work with doctors.

Big things of Kejriwal’s press conference-

  • Preparations are underway to save Delhi from the third wave.
  • In the last few days, I went to many hospitals where oxygen plants are being set up, oxygen concentrators, oxygen storage arrangements and various preparations are going on for the third wave.
  • The way there was shortage of medical and paramedical staff in the last waves, a plan is being made to ensure that there is no shortage in the third wave.
  • Keeping this in mind, the government has made a very big and ambitious plan, to prepare 5000 health assistants. They are called Community Nursing Assistants in technical language.
  • 5000 youth will be given training which will be of two weeks. IP University will provide this training.
  • After this, these people will be given basic training in nine medical institutes of Delhi.
  • These 5000 trained assistants will work as assistants to doctors and nurses, decision-making will not be in their hands. Whatever work the doctor will give them, they will do the work.
  • They will be given training in Basic Nursing, Life Saving, Paramedic, First Aid, Home Care.
  • Training will be given in basic things like how to measure oxygen, how to measure blood pressure, how to apply vaccine, patient care, changing diapers, sample collection, how concentrator and oxygen cylinder works, how to apply mask etc. will be given.
  • With such assistants, doctors will be able to work comfortably and patients will also be able to take better care.
  • We will leave these five thousand people by train and then when they get the work done, they will be called. They will be given salary for the number of days they are made to work.

What is the process and who can do the training-

  • Online application can be given for this from June 17. Training will start from 28th June.
  • There will be a batch of 500-500 people who will undergo training for two weeks.
  • 12th pass youth are eligible for this training.
  • Applicants age should be 18 years or above. Training will be on first come first serve basis.

Kejriwal further said that this entire step will help Delhi in fighting the third wave. I pray that the third wave may not come in Delhi but if it does come, we will fight it with a strong force.

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