Covid 19 Cases In India Corona Cases On June 11th June 2021 Coronavirus Live Updates Corona Cases India Covid 19 Vaccination – Coronavirus Live: Death toll crosses three thousand again, 91,702 new cases registered in last 24 hours

09:21 AM, 11-Jun-2021

For the fourth consecutive day, less than one lakh daily cases were registered

For the fourth consecutive day in the country, less than one lakh daily cases of corona virus have been registered. After the arrival of 91,702 new cases of corona in the last 24 hours, the total number of positive cases stood at 2,92,74,823. The total number of deaths has gone up to 3,63,079 after 3,403 new deaths. After 1,34,580 new discharges, the total number of discharges stood at 2,77,90,073. The total number of active cases in the country is 11,21,671.

09:00 AM, 11-Jun-2021

Samples of 20,44,131 people were taken in the last 24 hours – ICMR

20,44,131 sample tests were done for corona virus in India yesterday, till yesterday a total of 37,42,42,384 sample tests have been done>

08:32 AM, 11-Jun-2021

Bihar: Due to lack of awareness in Katihar, people are not getting the vaccine

People in Bihar’s Katihar are hesitant to get vaccinated due to lack of awareness about vaccination. A local resident says that there is less awareness among people about vaccination and people are feeling more ashamed. People say that some people have died after taking vaccine doses.

08:04 AM, 11-Jun-2021

An average of 2000 people died daily during the second wave

The second wave of corona virus has wreaked havoc in India. More than two lakh deaths have occurred due to corona infection since March 1 this year. Corona virus has caused three out of every five deaths since the pandemic began in 2020. Since the start of the second wave of corona in India on March 1 this year, on an average, about 2000 people have died due to this virus every day. The death rate in the second wave of Corona has been very high. A total of 3,63,029 people have died in India since the first wave.

07:45 AM, 11-Jun-2021

Telangana: Woman selling vegetables after husband’s death

A woman in Telangana is selling vegetables during the Kovid-19 period. The woman’s husband had died six months ago, but the woman is doing this work to raise a four-year-old child. The woman was working from house to house but due to Kovid, she lost her work. The woman says that she is now selling vegetables to feed her family. He has sought help from the government.

07:34 AM, 11-Jun-2021

Mizoram: 210 new cases reported in 24 hours

210 new cases of corona virus were reported in Mizoram in the last 24 hours. The total number of positive cases now stands at 14,743 which includes 3,578 active cases, 11104 discharged cases and 61 deaths.

07:20 AM, 11-Jun-2021

Coronavirus Live: Death toll again crossed three thousand, 91,702 new cases registered in last 24 hours

The pace of the second wave of corona virus in the country is slowing down. On one hand, while the cases of infection are decreasing rapidly, the daily death toll is also coming down to less than three thousand. However, the second wave of Corona caused havoc in the country during the peak. Millions of people have lost their lives during the second wave. If the data of the Ministry of Health is to be believed, on an average about 2000 people have died after the start of the second wave of corona virus on March 1 this year. At the same time, the central government has become more strict regarding the only weapon against Corona i.e. vaccination. The central government has taken over the command of vaccination and now people above 18 years of age will be given the corona vaccine from June 21, during which the central government will provide free corona vaccine to the state governments.

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