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Coronavirus Delta Plus Variant Cases Today In India Latest News Update On July 10th 2021: New Cases Covid Death, Black Fungus, Vaccine, Vaccination Curfew new cases

10:35 AM, 10-Jul-2021

8,992 new cases of Kovid-19 in Maharashtra, 200 people died

On Friday, 8,992 new cases of corona virus infection were reported in Maharashtra, while 200 people died due to infection. An official of the state health department said that during this period 10,458 patients became infection free in the state. So far, a total of 61,40,968 people have been confirmed to be infected with the corona virus and 1,25,034 people have died in the state. He said that in the last 24 hours, 10,458 patients have become infection free in the state. So far 59,00,440 people have become infection free in the state. At present, 1,12,231 people are under treatment. The recovery rate from Kovid-19 in Maharashtra is 96.08 percent, while the death rate is 2.03 percent.

09:54 AM, 10-Jul-2021

America is sending 1.5 million to Nepal, five lakhs of anti-Kovid-19 vaccines to Bhutan

The White House said that the US is sending 1.5 million anti-Covid-19 vaccines to Nepal and 500,000 to Bhutan. “Today we are sending 3 million vaccines to Indonesia, 1.5 million to Nepal, 500,000 to Moldova and 500,000 to Bhutan,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters at her regular news conference on Friday.

09:44 AM, 10-Jul-2021

479 new cases of infection in Thane, 14 people died

With the arrival of 479 new cases of corona virus infection in Thane district of Maharashtra, the number of infected people increased to 5,36,928. An official gave this information on Saturday. He said that the new cases were confirmed on Friday. 14 more patients died of the infection in the last 24 hours, taking the death toll to 10,803. He said that the death rate due to Kovid-19 in Thane is 2.01 percent. Another official said that the cases of infection in nearby Palghar district rose to 1,18,010 and the death toll rose to 2,627.

09:32 AM, 10-Jul-2021

Worry: Death toll from Corona rises again

The pace of the second wave of corona epidemic in the country has now slowed down. However, the ups and downs in the cases of corona infection still continue. The deaths from Corona on Saturday have once again raised the concern of the people. In the last 24 hours, 42,766 new patients have been found in the country and 1206 have died. The death toll from Corona has crossed 1,000 after nine days. Earlier on June 30, 1,002 corona patients lost their lives. A day before this, 43,393 new patients were found and 911 people died.

09:24 AM, 10-Jul-2021

Ladakh: 12 new cases, one death

On Friday, 12 new patients of corona infection have been found in Ladakh and one died. At the same time, 15 patients returned to their homes after beating the infection. At present there are 131 active cases in the state. Of these, 93 cases are in Leh district and 38 in Kargil.

09:21 AM, 10-Jul-2021

Mizoram: 537 new patients found, two killed

On Friday, 537 new corona patients were found in Mizoram and two people died of infection. During this, 117 patients returned home after defeating Corona. The state currently has 4,324 active cases.

08:53 AM, 10-Jul-2021

Coronavirus LIVE: Number of deaths raised again, 1206 patients lost their lives in 24 hours, 42766 new cases

The pace of the second wave of corona epidemic in the country has now slowed down. Many states in the country have started the process of unlocking. Curfew has been lifted in many cities of Gujarat from today after the reduction in new cases of corona. Apart from this, permission has been given to open shopping malls, shops, markets, gyms and restaurants in other states.

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