Cash Withdrawal: Sbi Changed The Rules, Know How Many Rupees Will Be Able To Withdraw From Other Branches In A Day

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Published by: Surendra Joshi
Updated Sun, 30 May 2021 10:25 PM IST


State Bank of India, the country’s largest bank, has changed the cash withdrawal rules. This will facilitate the customers.

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SBI has given its customers the facility to withdraw more money from other branches besides the domestic branch. Now State Bank of India customers will be able to withdraw more money from other branches of SBI.

The country’s largest bank has taken this decision in view of the corona epidemic. SBI has given detailed information about the new rules on its Twitter account in this regard. This facility has been extended till 30 September 2021.

New money withdrawal rules

  1. You can withdraw up to 25 thousand rupees through the withdrawal form from the second branch.
  2. Up to Rs 1 lakh can now be withdrawn from another branch through check.
  3. Third party (to whom the check has been issued, can withdraw 50 thousand rupees).

Conditions apply for new rules

Along with the new cash withdrawal rules, the bank has also imposed conditions. The third person cannot withdraw cash from the third party withdrawal form. A third person will be able to withdraw money from the check, but KYC documents will be necessary for that.

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