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Block Pramukh Election Result Uttar Pradesh 2021. – Up Block Pramukh Election Result Live

After the polling for the block chief in UP on Saturday, the election results have started to be declared. Counting of votes has started in the districts. It is expected that the results will be declared by 5 pm. He registered victories in these places:

BJP won 7 seats in Lucknow, independent candidate won one. In the election of Kshetra Panchayat Pramukh i.e. Block Pramukh, BJP has won 7 out of 8 seats in the capital Lucknow. At the same time, an independent candidate won one Chinhat seat.

BJP candidate Usha Singh won in BKT. MLA Avinash Trivedi arrived to attend the celebrations.

BJP candidate Neetu Yadav won from Kakori by 33 votes. SP candidate Kamlesh Yadav got 22 votes. A total of 56 votes were cast. One vote invalid.

BJP’s Ramdevi was victorious from Lucknow’s goods. She got 68 votes, SP candidate Uma Rawat got 16 votes while two BDC members Jyoti Maurya of Chak Saidapur and Rajeshwari of Jamolia could not vote.

BJP’s Nirmal Verma became block chief from Malihabad. BJP’s Nirmal Verma, who became Malihabad block chief, defeated his nearest rival Vidyavati of SP by a huge margin. BJP workers greeted each other by feeding them sweets. There is a wave of happiness among BJP workers with the victory of Nirmal Verma. The election of the block chief was completed amidst a tight security arrangement.

– Vinay Verma of BJP from Gosainganj in Lucknow, Sunil Kumar of BJP from Sarojini Nagar, Om Prakash Shukla of BJP from Mohanlalganj, Nirmal Kumar of BJP from Malihabad, Ramdevi from Mal, Usha Singh of BJP from BKT and Usha Yadav from Chinhat. Have won

Who won from where in Meerut

1. BJP rebel Manoj Chauhan from Sarurpur became the block chief. He got 39 votes out of 65, while BJP candidate Rajendra Singh did not get a single vote. On the other hand, Kavita Chaudhary has got 22 votes.

2. In Jani block, BJP’s candidate Gaurav has won by one vote. He has defeated Harendra Singh by one vote. Gaurav got 39 votes, Harendra Singh got 38 votes.

3. Ashok Tyagi won the post of Block Pramukh in Machra Kshetra Panchayat.

4. BJP candidate from Hastinapur Nitin Poswal declared victory. He got 44 votes out of 59. On the other hand, SP candidate Sachin Gurjar got six votes, Sunny Gurjar also got six votes, while Aarushi Siddharth, daughter of former minister Mukesh Siddharth got only two votes. In addition, one vote was cancelled.

5. BJP candidate Geeta Payal has won by four votes for the post of block head in Mawana Panchayat area.

Who won from where in Baghpat

1. In Chhaprauli Panchayat area, RLD supported candidate Anshu has won. He got 44 votes, while BJP candidate Kamlesh Devi got 21 votes. In addition, five votes were nullified.

2. Independent Sunita has won in Baghpat Panchayat area. He got a total of 46 votes, while BJP’s Meenu got 37 votes.

3. Anish Yadav wins from Pilana Block. Anish Yadav became the block chief for the third time in a row. He has defeated Abhayveer Yadav. Anish got 42 votes and Abhayveer got 39 votes.

Who won from where in Saharanpur

1. In Nakud Panchayat area in Saharanpur, BJP candidate Subhash Chaudhary got 75 votes, while his rival Manoj Kumar got only 28 votes. BJP’s Subhash Chaudhary has become the block chief.

2. BJP supported candidate Sanjana Choudhary also won from Nagal Panchayat area.

3. In Block Sadhauli Kadim, BJP candidate Chaudhary Biswas got 53 votes, while independent candidate Suman got 46 votes. BJP candidate won.

4. In Sarsawa Panchayat constituency, BJP supported candidate Tahir Hassan won by getting 70 votes, while his rival Siraj Ahmed got 49 votes. Apart from this, eight votes were canceled and two BDCs did not come to vote.

5. Geeta Rani of BJP registered her victory by defeating BJP’s rebel candidate Dr. Kiranpal by seven votes on the post of Block Pramukh in Rampur Maniharan. Two votes were rejected, while one vote was not cast.

Who won from where in Bijnor

1. BJP candidate Ankit Chaudhary won by 19 votes in Kiratpur Panchayat constituency. Ankit got 53 votes, second candidate Himalaya got 34 votes.

2. In Dhampur Panchayat area, BJP supported candidate Kshama Hemlata Chauhan won by nine votes. Hemlata got 65 votes and independent candidate Dr Kusum Raghuvanshi got 56 votes, while three votes were cancelled. A total of 124 votes were cast here.

3. From Afzalgarh Panchayat constituency, BJP candidate Pradeep Kumar alias Babli got 69 votes, while SP candidate Shailendra Chauhan got 41 votes. BJP candidates won by 28 votes, while nine votes were cancelled.

4. Independent candidate Tapraj Singh has won the post of block chief from Najibabad. BJP candidate and former block chief Awadhesh Kumar had to face defeat.

5. BJP candidate won from Jalilpur Panchayat area. BJP candidate Kuntesh Devi got 68 votes while Independent candidate Reena Dhariwal got 61 votes.

In Bijnor, 10 out of 11 blocks are set to become the block chief of BJP.

Elections were held on five seats on Saturday. Of these, BJP candidates have won on four. Earlier, six candidates have been elected unopposed.

who won from where in shamli

1. BJP candidate Priyanka won in Thanabhavan Panchayat area.

2. BJP candidate Munni Devi has won in Shamli Panchayat area.

3. Independent candidate Vinod Malik has won in Kandhla.

BJP candidate Narendra Mohan alias Sanjay Singh declared winner from Baskhari in Ambedkar Nagar. He got the vote of 64 members. SP candidate Sanjay could get only 32 votes in a direct contest.

Independent candidate Vinita Kanojia won in Ambedkarnagar’s Jahangirganj by getting 41 votes. BJP candidate Pushpa Kanojia got 36 votes. There was a direct competition here too.

Independent candidate Surjit Verma got victory in Ambedkar Nagar’s Tanda block major election. He got 103 while Tejashwi Jaiswal of BJP got only 26 votes.

SP candidate Devika Verma got victory from Akbarpur block of Ambedkarnagar. BJP candidate Sunita Verma defeated.

Congress candidate Aviral Singh defeated BJP candidate Gulab Pathak in the election for the main post in Haraiya Satgharwa, the only block in Balrampur district.

Independent candidate Vibha Singh got 63 votes while BJP supported candidate Kanchan Singh got 25 votes, Vibha Singh won by 38 votes in Sareni block main election of Rae Bareli.

In Rae Bareli, MLC Dinesh Pratap Singh’s son Piyush Pratap Singh became the block chief from Harchandpur. Piyush Pratap Singh became the winner for Harchandpur Block Pramukh by getting 51 votes. Piyush Pratap Singh is the son of MLC Dinesh Pratap Singh. The second candidate Ashok Kumari got 19 votes.

SP candidate Vikas Yadav became block chief from Ramnagar block of Ambedkarnagar. He got a total of 70 votes. BJP candidate Ramdhari Yadav defeated with 42 votes.

– Shivani Singh of Samajwadi Party, daughter-in-law of former MLA Devendra Pratap Singh, has won the block chief post in Lalganj. Shivani got 43 votes, while BJP’s Usha got 35 votes. Three votes were invalid.

A total of 109 votes were cast in Rae Bareli’s Salon seat.

Anju Kushwaha declared winner by 21 votes.

BJP candidate Vipendra Pratap Singh Verma from Jarwal of Bahraich got 56, SP candidate Krishna Devi got 50 while three votes were invalid. BJP candidate Vipendra Pratap Singh Verma won by 6 votes.

– Krishnavati won from Mahsi in Bahraich by getting 80 votes.

BJP candidate Sarita Yagyasaini won from Shivpur in Bahraich by getting 70 votes. SP candidate Archana Maurya got 50 votes.

– Fakharpur Independent candidate Renu of Bahraich got 112 votes, BJP candidate Manju Singh failed to touch the figure of tenth but got reduced to 4 votes.

In Bahraich, in the election for seven block chiefs, independent candidates won in two places while BJP has registered victory in five places. Independent candidates have won in Fakharpur and Kaiserganj.

Vandana Pandey of BJP won from Visheshwarganj in Bahraich.

Independent candidate Renu Singh won from Fakharpur.

Independent candidate Sandeep Singh won from Kaiserganj.

BJP candidate Mamta Ramakar Pandey has won from Tejwapur.

BJP’s Krishnavati emerged victorious from Mahsi.

BJP’s Sarita Yagyasaini emerged victorious from Shivpur.

BJP’s Vipendra Verma won from Jarwal.

In the elections held in six blocks in Sultanpur, BJP supported on four, SP on one and Independent candidate has won on one.

block candidate party

1. Lambhua-Kunwar Bahadur Singh (Independent)

2. PP Kamaicha-Sushma Jaiswal-BJP

3.Baldi Rai-Shivkumar Singh-BJP

4. Dubeypur-Shilpi Singh-SP

5. Jaisinghpur-Rahul Shukla-BJP

6. Kudwar-Manphool Singh-BJP

In the elections held for the post of Kshetra Panchayat Pramukh in four blocks of Gonda district, BJP-supported candidates registered a strong victory in three. BJP’s supported candidates have already been elected unopposed in 11 seats. Former minister Vinod Kumar Singh alias Pandit Singh’s sister-in-law Babita Singh was victorious in the Rupiedh block. On Saturday, elections were held in Katra Bazar, Babhanjot, Haldharmau and Rupidih. BJP-supported candidate Bhavani Bhikh Shukla from Katra Bazar, Richa Singh, daughter-in-law of MLA Bawan Singh from Haldharmau, Madhulika Patel, daughter-in-law of Prabhat Verma, MLA from Babhanjot and Babita Singh from Rupiedh won. BJP supported candidate Saroj Tiwari got only 20 votes in Rupiedh. Before this, BJP’s Rekha Mishra from Jhanjhari block, Poonam Dwivedi, wife of Mehnoun MLA Vinay Kumar Dwivedi from Itiathok, Priyanka Singh from Paraspur, Tilfa Devi from Karnailganj, Rajendra Pratap Singh alias Guddu Singh from Belsar, Manoj, son of MLA Prem Narayan Pandey from Tarabganj. Kumar Pandey, Arundhati Singh, daughter-in-law of Kaiserganj MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh from Nawabganj, Anita Yadav from Wazirganj, Jagdev Chaudhary from Mankapur, Priyanka Gautam from Pandrikripal have been elected unopposed.

In Ayodhya district, Sushila Verma of BJP won the post of Tarun block chief by getting 66 votes while Rajkumari Verma of SP got 34 votes. One vote invalid.

In the block chief Mayabazar election, BJP supported candidate Umesh Pratap Singh alias Kaptan Singh won 52 votes while his rival SP supported candidate Dharamveer Verma got 39 votes. One vote was declared invalid. This information was given by Election Officer Akhilesh Pratap Singh.

Ankur Sen, son of SP candidate and former minister Anand Sen, has won the election by five votes for the post of Harringtonganj block chief in Ayodhya. BJP candidate Santosh Singh got the second number, who got only 36 votes while Ankur Sen got 41 votes. Two votes were found to be invalid. There was a gathering of spies at the block headquarters. Wave of happiness in SP camp.

BJP-supported candidate Sridevi has won by 5 votes for the block chief post of Amaniganj in Ayodhya district.

In Ayodhya, BJP supported Umesh Pratap Singh became Kaptan Singh Mayabazar block chief defeating Dharamveer Verma by 13 votes.

Sandeep Singh won from Kaiserganj by 23 votes.

Total votes- 83

Votes cast-83

Valid Votes- 79

Illegal Votes- 04

Sandeep Singh Visen (Independent)–50

Anil Yadav(SP)–27

Akanksha alias Shashi Singh (BJP)– 02

In this way, independent candidate Sandeep Singh Visen defeated his nearest candidate Anil Yadav of SP by 23 votes.

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