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Bioscope S2: Raveena Tandon got Govinda as ‘groom king’, why Mamta Kulkarni turned down the role

You must have often seen the sad stories of the contestants in all the music reality shows like ‘Indian Idol’. Not only this, many times lyricists like Santosh Anand are also called on their stage and they are presented as ‘poor’. The intention is what actor Govinda did a lot in his career, playing the trump card of poverty to bring the audience closer to him emotionally. As long as Govinda remained ‘Virar ke Chokre’, it went well. Then people started to know that what is the real story of this false struggle? He turned out to be a star kid. David Dhawan redeemed this emotional story of his in films too. And, out of the number of comedy films Govinda’s hit from David’s camp, the biggest surprise hit was ‘Dulhe Raja’. The film ‘Dulhe Raja’ is one of the few Hindi comedy films that were remade in the South Indian language.

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