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How does the ball move in the air on both sides, know how to swing out and in

Bowling Tips: Swing bowling has always been a topic of discussion in cricket. Bowlers with good swing bowling have always been considered dangerous for the batsman, as it becomes difficult to score runs against them. Even the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket have had trouble batting against swing bowling. Even in current times, batsmen can bat easily against fast bowlers but they have trouble against swing bowlers. Due to his swing bowling, many bowlers have reached the summit in world cricket. These include legendary bowlers like Wasim Akram, James Anderson, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Dale Steyn. In such a situation, today we will tell you how the ball is made in swing and out swing.

out swing method
Swing is usually done with a hard ball. If there is moisture in the weather on the day of the match, then the chances of the ball swinging increase even more. In such a situation, if you have to swing the ball out, then you have to catch the seam of the ball in a slightly different way. During the out swing, a large part of the middle finger of your hand should be on the seam. While leaving the ball, you have to move the ball backwards, that is, while throwing the ball, your seam should face towards the third man. Also keep in mind that you throw out swing from the middle of the crease, so that the batsman feels that the ball is coming towards him, but at the last moment the ball turns outside. In out swing, the batsman often gives a catch in the hand of the slip or keeper.

In swing mode
For these swings also you have to catch the ball in a different way. For this you have to use your index finger. You have to hold the seam of the ball with your index finger. The middle finger needs to be slightly out of the ball. The seam position should be towards fine leg while releasing the ball. If the outer part is made from these swing crease then it is considered much better. In these swings, batsmen often become victims of bowled or LBW.

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