Did Anjali Arora’s heart break after seeing Munnawar Farooqui’s Lady Love, Munjali’s fans got a big shock

Munawar Faruqui-Anjali Arora : Standup comedian Munawwar Farooqui has taken the lockup trophy to his dongri. Yes, Munawwar Farooqui, who took a jibe at Kangana Ranaut, has won her show. Munavvar’s strong fan following is being seen as soon as he leaves the show. He is very much liked by the audience. Last night, at the success party of the lockup, Munawwar Farooqui had arrived with a sweet smile. But during this time, he shared a picture with a mystery girl on social media, after seeing which Munjali i.e. your Munawwar Farooqui and Anjali Arora’s fandom was heartbroken. In this picture, Munavvar is seen with his lady love.

As you all know that in lockup when Anjali Arora used to see anyone getting close to Munawwar Farooqui, the tone of her face was worth seeing. That look of Anjali staring at Munavvar with slanting eyes will be everyone’s attention. Now in such a situation, when Munawar has openly expressed love with his lady love, Munjali’s fans are waiting for Anjali Arora’s reaction. Everyone knows how Anjali Arora’s heart must have been broken after seeing this photo.

Anjali had expressed her love for Munavvar in the show. She had also confessed that she had started liking Munavvar in her heart. But when there was no response from Munavvar’s side, he pulled his feet back. When Anjali came to know about Munavvar’s broken marriage and their child in the show, she shed a lot of tears. In such a situation, another secret related to Munavvar can trouble Anjali.

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