Dia Mirza disclosed about her stepdaughter, said- she wrote in the phone ‘Yet wicked stepdaughter..’

Dia Mirza on Her Relation With Step Daughter: On Mother’s Day, Diya actress Dia Mirza shared a picture of son Avyan, daughter Samaira (step-step) and her mother on Instagram. Also, referring to Vaibhav’s mother, he wrote in the caption of the pictures, ‘A child gives birth to a mother. Very grateful for my children and very grateful for my mother. Miss you @rekhi.poonam #MothersDay #MothersDay2022.”

In an interview to The Indian Express, Dia spoke openly about her relationship with Adara. Talking about this, she said why she avoids reading fairy tales to her children. He added, “It also helps if your kids don’t read fairy tales, because the concept of an evil stepfather or an evil stepmother, all these concepts come up. Those stories and thankfully I never read them and I make sure my kids don’t do the same. And, the funny thing is, Samaira has saved my number as ‘Yet no evil step mother’.”

Diya said that she allows Adara to move forward in her relationship. “When I say I’m always there for her, she knows. I always say we’re friends first and always when she needs me as a parent,” she added. “I am so fortunate to be the parent of a child who is so open and so receptive and so wonderful. Don’t try and be someone else for the child, be yourself and the child will value and appreciate it. ,

Adara played an active role during the wedding rituals of Diya and Vaibhav Rekhi. She went ahead of Diya as the actor walked towards the mandap. Diya and Vaibhav welcomed Avyan last year. He was born prematurely and was in the hospital for several weeks.

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