Amazon Quiz 27 March: The correct answer to the questions of Amazon quiz

Amazon App Quiz.- The Amazon app offers great rewards to its users every day in Amazon’s App Quiz. Those who correctly answer the 5 five questions asked in the Amazon questionnaire, the reward for the questionnaire is only given to them. The questions asked every day in the questionnaire are based on current affairs and general knowledge.

In the Amazon quiz, a prize is awarded every day. At the same time, the number of winners also depends on the entry number. What’s special is that only mobile users can play this quiz. Amazon has not introduced this feature for desktop users.

The names of the winners of the Amazon contest will be announced on April 31, 2020. They will be selected through a drawing.

Questions With Accurate Answers Of Today’s Quiz.

Q1. Arpit Vasavada was the Man of the match in the final of which tournament that concluded recently?

Answer– Ranji Trophy.

Q2. Y. Farrell and S. McNamara were given the 2020 Pritzker Prize, making them the first 2 women to share which profession’s highest honour?

Answer– Architecture.

Q3. More than 3,500 gathered in a small town in France to break the world record for most people dressed as which fictional characters?

Answer– Smurfs.

Q4. World Consumer Rights Day is observed on March 15th, on a day when which US president declared the four basic consumer rights?

Answer– John F Kennedy.

Q5. Which team won their maiden Ranji Trophy title this year after earning a 44-run lead in the first innings vs Bengal in the final?

Answer– Saurashtra.

Amazon App Quiz With answer

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