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Why did Rhea Chakraborty say #FREEBritney about Britney Spears, know the whole matter

Mumbai: American pop singer Britney Spears remains in the discussion these days. Singer wants to get rid of the guardianship of her father Jamie Spears, for which she has appealed in court. In fact, Britney Spears has been in dispute with her father Jamie Spears over Guardianship since 2008. Singer recorded her statement in this regard and told the judge that she wanted to live her life again. During this she became very emotional and said- ‘I want my life, my freedom back’. It’s been 13 years and the conservatorship has had a very bad effect on my life.

Brittany has demanded independence from her father from the court. In this regard, he has recorded his statement in a Los Angeles court through video link. After which now the fans of Britney Spears on social media have demanded to free the singer from her father through the hashtag of #FREEBritney. Now the name of Bollywood actress Riya Chakraborty has also been added to those demanding freedom of singer.

Rhea Chakraborty has also raised the demand to free Britney Spears. He has spoken about his heart through his Insta story. Riya has written #FREEBritney in support of the singer. Actually, there is a law regarding guardianship in America, which is called Conservatorship. This protection is given by the court to such people, who cannot take care of themselves. Pop singer Britney Spears is protected by her father. In such a situation, his father takes more decisions about Singer’s personal life than him.

rhea chakraborty, Britney spears
(Photo Credits – Instagram: @rhea_chakraborty)

At the same time, Britney is in a relationship with Sam Asghari these days. Singer now wants to become a mother, but she alleges that due to her father, doctors are not allowing her to remove the contraceptive device. Due to which she cannot get pregnant. At the same time, the lawyer of Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears says that he has always taken care of his daughter. But, she still wants to end the Conservatorship.

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