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Salman Khan said about social media – ‘I do not see likes, neither dislikes nor comments’

New Delhi. Arbaaz Khan, brother of Bollywood’s ‘Dabangg’ Salman Khan, has once again brought the second season of his show ‘Pinch’. Arbaaz Khan’s elder brother i.e. Salman Khan himself became the first guest of its second season coming on Zee5. Let us tell you, in this show, Arbaaz Khan talks about those things, which pinch us on social media. At the same time, Salman Khan, who reached the show, also told many things related to social media.

When Arbaaz Khan asked Salman Khan on the show what do you think about social media? On this, Salman Khan said, ‘I think, from where it must have started… some people have changed their identity… to escape from their family.. have started entering a little bit on social media. These are the ones who fall on the false identity. It must have started for a fun, but later it came down to abusive words. They may feel that they cannot be traced. Their address is known very easily and easily. This is cyber crime, one second they track them down and find them.

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Salman further said, ‘People like us do not take interest in all these things that what they are doing, it is their frustration, after I post, I do not see likes, nor do I see dislikes. I see comments. I did what I want to do, now your reaction on it is yours.

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