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HBD: When Asha Bhosle rejected the proposal of RD Burman’s marriage, then the marriage happened like this

Mumbai. best music composer of bollywood Rahul Dev Burman That is, today is RD Burman’s birthday. He was born on 27 June 1939. Music was inherited by him. He is the son of famous musician Sachin Dev Burman. In the film industry, people affectionately called him ‘Pancham Da’. Some of his songs became so popular that people still like to hum him. He can be called the most successful music director of Bollywood. In the three decades from 60 to 90, his songs made a tremendous splash. He made Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar popular singers. Burman composed music for about 331 films.

Lata Mangeshkar He also composed some songs with. ‘Pancham Da’ gave more than one romantic music. He was also a romantic person in personal life. After getting divorced from his first marriage, he started liking Asha Bhosle. Not only this, one day he proposed marriage to Asha Bhosle, who was 6 years older than him. Asha rejected his proposal, but ‘Pancham Da’ was not going to give up.

Rahul Dev Burman had decided to marry Asha. After hard work, he convinced Asha for marriage. See the charisma of nature, this was the second marriage of both the fans. The real life love story of both has all the elements of great music, in which love, separation, pain and respect for each other remained till the end.

RD’s first marriage was to Rita Patel in 1966, which lasted only five years. Rita was his fan. Then the matter progressed in such a way that it turned into a marriage. But soon the relationship between the two became so bitter that RD left the house and went to the hotel room.

Romance was mingling in the music of both
Asha was constantly singing songs for RD. She was the most beloved voice of his music. It seemed that Pancham’s music and Asha’s melodious and heady voice were made for each other. The right thing is that for many years without words, their feelings flowed like a romance like music. Music was bringing them closer. In this period, both of them did more than one song together. He was the source of such songs and music that even today, something seems to happen after listening.

There were obstacles in the way of love
Both came closer. The path of both kept running with each other. It was slowly becoming evident everywhere that something is going on between Pancham da and Asha ji. But there were many obstacles in between. Asha was older. He had his own family. RD’s mother was strongly against this relationship. So both of them left their love on the condition of time. Yes, the petals of realization and love were definitely getting longer and clinging to both of them.

marriage in these circumstances
Meanwhile, RD’s father Sachin Dev passed away. It broke him but his mother Meera could not get out of this shock. He started having psychological problems. He lost his memory. He stopped recognizing his son. Pancham gave more time to time but then he felt that his mother’s health would remain the same, so he married Asha in 1980.

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