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‘Childhood love is not my mistake…’ This child became famous because of this, the emperor invited

What happens suddenly on social media, you can never really guess what will attract people’s attention. Recently, a school child’s song went viral, who sang ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar Mera Bhool Nahi Jaana Re’ in front of his teachers. The video became so viral on the internet that people started making reels on it, but no one knew who this child was and where he was from. When the rapper Badshah caught sight of this video, he too could not stop himself from making a reel on it and along with this he also reached that child and invited him to come to Chandigarh on a video call.

‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar Mera Bhool Nahi Jaana Re’ was sung in Sahadev two years ago when everything was normal and children used to go to school. At that time Sahdev was in 5th standard, then he sang this song in class at the behest of the teacher. This video became so viral that now it is discussed in the country. Lives in Urmapal village of Dirdo Chhindgarh block of Chhattisgarh. Millions of people are liking this video of Sahadev.

When Bollywood singer Badshah came to know about Sahdev, he contacted him. After this, the emperor talked to Sahdev on a video call and invited him to come to Chandigarh. Since then there are speculations that Badshah might shoot a song with Sahdev.

Badshah made a video call and asked the name of the child and also listened to the trending song from him. After this the king said that you will sing a song with me. Sahadev also agreed. After his consent, he has called Sahdev to Chandigarh.

The video of Sahdev’s song has been seen millions of times in social media. Many memes have also gone viral. Sahdev had heard this song in the wedding parties held in the village, which he used to hum. The confidence with which he has sung the song, people are getting convinced of him.

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