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Bharti Singh remembered the days of Struggle, when people used to touch hands and…

Mumbai: Comedy queen Bharti Singh has often been sharing her struggles and experiences in the industry. Often he has been seen remembering his childhood days. Now once again Bharti Singh is seen doing the same. Bharti Singh has talked about her struggle while remembering her early days in the industry. Actually, the comedy queen had recently reached Maniesh Paul’s chat show. Where she told that when she was new in the industry, people in shows used to try to touch her inappropriately.

Bharti Singh says that most of the men in the entertainment industry are those who misbehave with women. The comedy queen told that when she was young, she saw her mother going through bad times. While talking to Maniesh Paul in the show, Bharti Singh says- ‘The coordinators of the event misbehaved with me many times. He used to go and rub his hands on my back. I knew it was not a good feeling, but then I thought, he is my uncle’s age. Can’t go wrong with me.

Bharti says that after going today she understood that the behavior she was doing was wrong. But at that time he did not understand this. Bharti further says- ‘I used to think that maybe I am wrong. So I figured it didn’t look right. But, I had no understanding at that time. I have the confidence to fight now. Now I can say ‘What’s the matter, what are you seeing, go out, we are changing.’ I can speak now, but I didn’t have that much courage then.

Bharti Singh made her debut in the entertainment world with ‘Laughter Challenge’. During the conversation in the show, Bharti Singh also told how she saw her mother going through difficulties in her childhood. The comedy queen says- ‘I have seen how people used to come to my house to ask for money. He used to forcibly hold my mother’s hand. Then I didn’t know what he was doing. Some used to hold his hand, while some used to put his hand on his shoulder. My mother used to say ‘You are not ashamed, I have children. My husband is no more. And you guys are treating me like this.’ ‘ Even before this many times Bharti has been seen talking about her struggle.

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