Effective Tools And Practice Tests When Studying For Microsoft MS-900

Working your way up in Microsoft 365 requires a solid foundation. Thus, obtaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals certification will be your greatest weapon to excel and proceed to higher levels. You can only earn this relevant qualification if you pass the Microsoft MS-900 certification exam, a foundation-level evaluation suitable for those seeking to explore cloud services and the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model. In particular, the MS-900 assesses your comprehension of the basic concepts of the cloud and Microsoft 365. And to guide you for this exam, enumerated below are some effective tools and practice tests you can make use of. Remember, studying smart is better than studying hard, so buckle up and jot down these important points to consider before embarking on your journey with the MS-900 exam:

  • Browse through the official exam website

All information regarding the Microsoft Certifications can be found on the Microsoft website. Make sure to download the skills outline document and read the different objectives. Additionally, you need to take note of different updates taking place. Keep in mind that there are also prep materials you can avail of from the vendor’s site ― including online courses, the official practice test, instructor-led training, support forums, and many more. Optimize all these training resources first and then supplement them with other materials from reliable providers.

  • Acquire the necessary knowledge first

Potential takers must be knowledgeable about the profits and options provided by Microsoft 365 once they are implemented. Also, you need to be familiar with the basic offerings, licensing, and other support options available as well. Aside from Microsoft 365, you must also know how to delineate other services and products of Microsoft such as Azure and Dynamics 365. Plus, being able to recommend Microsoft 365 solutions in dealing with organizational IT problems comes in handy for the actual MS-900 exam. Such knowledge can be obtained in various courses and even video tutorials.

  • Establish your core knowledge through practice tests

As a beginner type of certification exam, the Microsoft Certifications Exams aim to solidify your roots in Microsoft 365. Luckily, practice tests help nail such understanding into your core. Use them often as a way to assess whether you have indeed retained the information you are trying to absorb. Also, test yourself and see if you get the answers right and if you are already confident to proceed to the next concepts. 

  • Obtain extra study aids

Supplement your learning with books and other study guides for a thorough discussion. Especially for answers, where you had made mistakes in the practice tests, try to read further explanations on such materials to fully comprehend the reason behind the answers. Think of the bigger picture and try to link how each concept is connected with the other. This will help you apply your learning more effective and easier.


In preparing for the Microsoft MS-900 exam, maximize whatever prep materials that are within your reach. Start from the official website down to trusted third-party providers. We are sure that there is no need for you to burn the midnight oil as long as you use pertinent practice tests and various exam resources effectively. Adapt strategies that are provided above and make it work for you. By building a solid ground, you are bound to explore more opportunities and career development. 

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