Samantar Web Series Wiki Review, Cast Index Download

samantar web series wiki cast and review
samantar web series wiki cast and review
  • Language: Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu.
  • Genre: Drama, Family, Mystery, Thriller, Web Series, Hindi Dubbed.
  • Year: 2020.
  • Director: Satish Rajwade.

Samantar Web Series Wiki Short Beginning Story.

Watch Samantar Premiere episode online in highest quality On MX Player. Samantar begins with Kumar Mahajan (Swapnil Joshi) lecture someone on the phone while driving a car. He tells the person who he lacks belief within the existence of God or gods. Shortly after, he meets a really serious accident and is seriously injured.

The scene then jumps to Sharad Vapgaonkar leading his friend Kumar to satisfy a Swami. Due to his disbelief in God or the gods, Kumar is reluctant, but Sharad insists. They enter an area of filthy slums that invites cold comments from Kumar on Swami’s credibility.

Samantar Web Series Review Cast And Crew
Samantar Web Series Review Cast And Crew

Sharad informs Swami that his friend Kumar is an atheist and that his life is in ruins. Kumar claims that he only believes in the present and knows only of birth but not of death.

Swami responds by saying that the path to destiny is formed by the lines on his hands and forehead, plus the position of the planets in his birth chart. Watch the complete Samantar web series in MX Player for free Kumar shows his palm to Swami.

Swami remembers some incidents from Kumar’s past, he opposes that Swami only knows about them because he had shared the information with his friend Sharad.

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To gain Kumar’s trust, Swami talks about a couple of events from Kumar’s growing years that he had not shared with anyone. Kumar begins to show interest in what Swami has to say about the events of his life.

However, Swami then withdraws saying that he had already met Kumar once. Kumar, and even his friend Sharad, assure Swami that the former has no faith in an uncertain future and has never consulted anyone before.

Will Swami tell Kumar what he is expected to present to him? Watch the first episode of the Samantar web series on MX Player to find out what’s in Kumar’s future.

Samantar Web Series Wiki Star Cast.

Download samantar web series wiki Star Cast
Samantar Web Series Cast

What if two people share the same destination, same palm lines? Samandar Kumar is a story about Mahajan, a young man whose life changes after his discovery, Sudarshan Chakrapani, a man who shares the same fate with him. The life that Kumar leads is the life Chakrapani has already lived. Will Kumar Mahajan be able to control his present and can able to change his future after meeting Chakrapani?

Star Names Names In Samantar
Nitish Bharadwaj Sudarshan Chakrapani
Swwapnil Joshi Kumar Mahajan
Tejaswini Pandit Nima Mahajan
Ganesh Revdekar Sharad
Jayant Sawarkar Swami
Star Casts Of Samantar.

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