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Billie Eilish Wiki:- Started singing when she was 8, started writing songs at 11, became a pop-star at the age of 17

Started taking big steps at a young age

In 2016, 14-year-old dancer and musician Billie Eylish of Los Angeles released his first song ‘Ocean Eyes’ late night at SoundCloud. She only wanted to narrate it to her dance teacher. The next day, when Billie woke up in the morning, he saw that his song had gone viral on streaming. Just from here, their success began.

Billie Eilish Never enrolled in school

Billie was born on December 18, 2001 in the city of Los Angeles, California. Here she used to live with her parents. His parents Patrick O’Connell and Maggie Baird were both in the entertainment industry.

In childhood, Billie never attended any school. He studied at home. Due to no shortage of time, she used to participate in activities other than studies. At only 8 years old, Billie joined the Children’s Chorus of Los Angeles. She lived here for about three years.

It was an organization created for the children of Los Angeles. Billie was very interested in music. She used to listen to the Beatles as a child. It was only at the age of 11 that he started writing songs.

Billie Eilish has also Made Some Short films

Billie has also made several short films. She used to make them with her camera and used to edit with Apple’s video editing app itself. Apart from acting and music, she was also fond of dance.

Billi Eilish has also learned dance in childhood

She also learned dance in his teenage. With so many skills, she intended to do something big in show business. Billie’s mother also wrote songs and father played various musical instruments. The elder brother Finneas Baird O’Connell was also less interested in music.

She had a band of his own and used to write songs together with his band. It can be said that Billie must have been fond of music after seeing his family members. Billie used to live music in his house.

Billie’s career began in 2015

Billie’s career began in 2015 when he recorded his first song ‘Ocean Eyes’, which his brother wrote. Billie had also asked his elder brother to record this song. Billie then tried to send the song to his dance teacher who had helped him a lot in choreography.

In 2016, Billie went viral as soon as the song was released on SoundCloud. Later, its music video was also released. The song was not initially recognized but became very popular when it was re-released by ‘Dark Room’ and ‘Interscope Records’.

After this he released an extended play called Ocean Eyes. In March 2017, Billie released another track board of his own. April 2018 saw ‘Lovely’ in which he worked with famous American singer Khalid.

In 2018, he also released singles like ‘Bitch’s Broken Hearts’ and ‘You Should See Me in a Crown’. In March 2019, Billie released his debut studio album ‘When We All Fall Asleep Where We Go’.

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