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Bard Of Blood Review: The theme of the show revolves around the terrorism. This fictional story has been written on the true incidents between India and Pakistan. Well, let me tell you, The script of this web series has been written taking inspiration from a famous book. People liked that book a lot. But the more fun you will not get from reading the book, more entertainment you will get to see this series. Because everything is done with a real realistic touch.

All the questions that remain in your mind about terrorism are been answered in this show. If we talk about the world of terrorists or Indian agents, we often hear about these on TV or read them in newspapers. But have you ever thought about how it is?

7 – There Are 7 Total Episodes Are In bard Of Blood Season 1.

Expected To Be Released Between August – September 2020.

Bard means Shayari or poetry and blood means (Rakt/Khun) blood, Therefore bard of blood can mean Shayari of blood Or poetry of blood.

Bard Of Blood Review/Story

Bard of blood means writing poetry on blood and blood. Kabir Anand is a secret agent in the show and has mastered playing band of terrorists.

In another way, Kabir is the Yamraj of terrorists. Often their battles begin with bloodshed and end with the elimination of terrorists. It is as clever as the brain, and true patriots at the heart. They do not want a photo on TV or a house like a palace, but want peace and peace in their country.

Apart from these, there are two lead characters in the show and the first is Isha Khanna. Isha is an intelligence officer. She works to extract important information for our country. They say that they have to go on missions like Indian Soldiers and wipe out big enemies.

The third lead actor is Veer Singh who is a secret agent, and has changed his identity in another country and is hidden. There are some people, neither are they able to change their attitude and secretly remove the curtain over the big secret.

Super villain is also very dangerous, which can disturb you mentally. You will also get angry over the manner in which their posts have been shown and will also go to the heart of slapping them inside the show. During the show, you will feel that you are not only watching, but have gone on a mission to get out of it is quite a task.

Bard Of Blood Web Series Download Performance

Each episode is finished at such a point that one cannot even think about getting up without seeing the next episode. The biggest plus point of the show is it’s interesting story line. There is also a much amount of suspense in the show’s story. There are so many twists and turns in every episode, that your mind keeps going from here to there.

Sometimes you start to feel like a balance on a hero, sometimes a villain becomes a real hero. Speaking in a word, this show is artfully made and knows how to play with your mind.

It is not at all like to see the fight and bloodshed in the entire series. The show is also full of emotions, which can be sentimental to you later. In which way the heroes fighting for the country keep fighting a battle not only outside but also inside themselves. This has been shown to us very well.

Bard Of Blood All Episodes Negative Points

Yet, the beginning of the show is a bit slow, so you will have to patience, otherwise you may have some difficulty in watching the entire season. In the starting episode, a build-up is made by increasing the story, so that you can understand everything better.

But a lot of time waste in it and some people may get bored of it. Secondly, some dialogues in the show have been spoken in other languages ​​besides Hindi and English. To understand them you will need subtitles, otherwise many important dialogues will go over your head.

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Bard Of Blood’s Stars Performance

Emraan Hashmi is acting amazing. His expressions seem very real, and he also has the power to make a completely fictional story real. Shobhita has also done a very good job. Seeing his acting, I feel that his work should be given a place in Bollywood too, I don’t know why it doesn’t happen. Otherwise, she can beat big names.

But Vineet Singh is an actor of the show who has crossed all the expectations of all the people. And has also made its special place in a multistarrer show. There are very few shows in which side actors can overtake lead actors. Vineet has shown this work very well.

Or to say in less words, if you want to see a powerful show whose real hero is its content, then the bard of blood is going to prove to be worth the money. But if you are fond of spice films, then the show may seem a bit boring to you. From me, four stars out of five to the Bard of Blood series.

Bard Of Blood Cast IMDB Trailer

IMDB: 6.9 Stars Out Of 10 Stars (Nice Ratings)

StarCast (Role)
Emraan HashmiKabir Anand
Sobhita DhulipalaIsha Khanna
Jaideep AhlawatTanveer Shehzaad
Shishir SharmaArun Joshi
Ankit HansKuldeep (captured agent)
Vikas ShuklaAditya
Akshat ChopraSamar Sharma
Viineet KumarVeer Singh
Danish HusainMullah Khalid
Sahiba Bali Abida
Asheish NijhawanAftab Khalid
Amit BimrotNihar Gupta
Shamaun AhmedQasim Baloch
Sohum ShahVikramjit Singh
Kirti KulhariJannat Marri
Shruti MaratheNeeta
Rajit KapoorSadiq Shaikh
David BrowneSenior Talib 2
Ajay MahendruRehmat Khatib
Kallirroi TziafetaJessica Parker
Main Cast Of Bard Of Blood Series.

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Bard Of Blood Trailer From Youtube.

Bard Of Blood Download Netflix Watch Online

Bard of Blood is a web series in which Emraan Hashmi has played the main role. The story of this web series has been written against terrorism. This web series is also based on the truth incident between India and Pakistan. This web series has been released on Netflix on 27 September 2019, this web series has got 7 stars out of 10 by IMDb.

You can watch this web series online on Netflix. We advise you to watch or download any web series or movie from the official platform. Do not download movies and web series from any third party piracy website. And by doing so you can be punished because it is a punishable offense. Our website does not support any such piracy.

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