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Asur Web Series Cast: Released in 2020, Asura is a hidden surprise that has shocked all of us. In this sreies, there is a serial killer who is playing the lives of people one by one.

The cleverness of the killer is so much that leave the evidence, a strange mask is also left near the dead body to tease the CBI and the police.

Asur Web Series Cast Short Story Of All Episodes.

In this web series, using Mythology, an attempt has been made to remove the monster hidden inside every human being.

If you want to watch the entire series in one go, you can reach the end of it in about 5 hours. The series begins with a peculiar model, who flashes the senses of the entire police department at a glance.

The Murderer is played with the lives of humans in such a way that the person in front of dead bodies starts to remember God.

In all these murders, two things are always the same, the first is this strange looking mask whose connection is with the Devil. And another similarity is that the index finger of his straight hand is cut off from every person’s body.

The twist in the story comes when both Dhananjay and Nikhil’s connection is connected with these serial keeling somewhere. There have been some such incidents in the past of these two, due to which the murder has started.

There is an opportunity when both of them stand against each other, and the game of doubt starts in the web series.

It is not that someone is inside, that in order to fulfill someone big, they are trying to cheat from different identities. After all, who is the asura in the story?

If you want to find the answers to the questions then don’t delay at all to watch the Asura series. What makes the series special is the suspense added to it, which starts to get deeper with the episodes going forward.

I can lay my hand on my heart and say that this is the first such web series in which planning cutting looks like true Hollywood.

Some disturbances Sceans have also been inserted in this web series. And these scenes can even blow your sleep for a few days.

But the biggest stand is hidden for a mastermind killer, who keeps the entire web series moving around at his behest.

After a long time, a show has been seen in which the hero is quite clever but the villain proves to be even more dangerous than that.

Asura Web Series Cast And Crew. – Asur Web Series Cast From IMDB.

CBI’s Forensic Officer Dhananjay Rajpoot‘s Role Is Played By Arshad Warsi. And Barun Sobti played the role of Nikhil Nair in this web series. These are the 2 main roles, which are in the Asura series.

Star Name [Real Names]Star Names [In Web Series]
1. Arshad Warsi (Actor)Dhananjay Rajpoot (Forensic Officer In CbI.)
2. Barun Sobti (Actor)Nikhil Nair (Forensic Knowledgeable)
3. Anupriya Goenka (Actress)Naina Nair (Nikhil’s Wife)
4. Riddhi Dogra (Actress)Nusrat Saeed (Crucial Member Of The Forensic Department)
5. Sharib Hashmi (Actor)Lolark Dubey
6. Amey Wagh (Actor)Rasool Shaikh
7. Pawan Chopra (Actor)Shashank Awasthi
8. Gaurav Arora (Actor)Kesar Bharadwaj
9. Anvita Sudarshan (Actress)Raina Singh
10. Nishank Verma (Actor)Samarth Ahuja
11. Archak Chhabra (Actor)Aditya Jalan
12. Aditya Lal (Actor)Moksh
13. Deepak Qazir (Actor)Neelkanth Joshi
14. Bondip Sarma (Actor)Ankit Sharma
15. Jayant Raina (Actor)Radhacharan Joshi
16. Sunayna Baile (Actress)Wife Of lolark
Lead Roles In Asura Web Series.

Asura/Asur Web Series Cast All Episodes Name

Asura Web Series Season 1 has a total of Six episodes. And the first episode is titled “The dead can talk” and the second episode is named “Rabbit hole“. Similarly, we have described all the episodes of the Asur series, please see them as well.

Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side Episode 1 – “The dead can talk”

Asur Web Series Episode 1
Asur Web Series Episode 1

The web series starts 11 years ago from a boy named “SHUBH“. After returning to worship with his father and a man, his father falls into the river while returning.

The young boy is emotionless, after seeing the opening scene of the first episode of the same web series, it seems that his father may have been killed by the same boy with poison.

Then comes the story in the present where a person named Nikhil Nair is teaching about forensics in FBI. He is later shown arguing with the CBI about the reasons for quitting his job, doing some savory work with his wife.

The verdict, which Nikhil Nair deeply regrets. Meanwhile, a burnt body was found in India, whose body was visited by Dhananjay Rajput, a senior forensic expert of the CBI.

Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side Episode 2 – “Rabbit hole”

Asur Web Series Episode 2

The episode begins with an 18-year-old story in which a young child named Shubh was brutally brutal. His father is shown calling him an Asura (demon / devil).

In the present day, Nikhil Nair comes back to work with CBI Towards to end the episode.

Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side Episode 3 – “Peek – a – boo”

Asur Web Series Episode 3

The episode continues with another glimpse of the story set 18 years ago, where it is revealed that Shubh shows signs of autism, and is badly affected by the atrocious behavior his father has committed towards him.

In the present day, Dhananjay is behind the bars of the prison, Nikhil thinks until he gets 3 new coordinates from the same mysterious source. The killer follows similar patterns, well-planned attacks aimed at random people at random locations.

Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side Episode 4 – “Ashes from the past”

Asur Web Series Episode 4

The incident continues with the incident 11 years ago as it is shown that Dhananjay was the person who was performing the puja ritual. While performing the puja, Dhananjaya comes to know something about Shubh.

After the father’s death, Dhananjay told everyone that he died due to drinking poison.

In the present day, the killer is always one step ahead of Nikhil and Dhananjay as Nikhil is now trapped in the killer’s custody and Dhananjay is behind bars. Meanwhile, Dhananjay tries to find out how all this is connected.

Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side Episode 5 – “The devil has a face”

Asur Web Series Episode 5

The incident continues with an incident 11 years ago where Shubh was arrested and put behind bars for killing his father. Shubh does not show much remorse and instead starts preaching inside the prison.

Currently, Dhananjay is tasked by the CBI to work on the case but from inside the jail.

He meets Saffron there, who is a motivational speaker on spirituality. Lolark, sent by Dhananjaya to Benares, continues to dig in the background of Shubh.

Dhananjay along with his team tries to find out the link between all the murderers and they come to the conclusion that they were all good people with no criminal record.

Asur’s Other Episode’s DescriptionComing Soon….

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