Bharti Singh told when will show the face of son Gola to the fans, got the first photoshoot done like this

Bharti SIngh Son Gola: Comedian Bharti Singh became a mother only last month. She has given birth to a baby boy. Bharti is enjoying motherhood since the birth of her son. He has named his son by the nickname Gola. Bharti returned to work a few days after Gola’s birth. She was back on her show The Khatra Khatra Show. Now that the grand finale of this show has been shot, Bharti will get a few days off from work. In the middle of the shoot on the last episode of the show, Bharti talked to the media about the son. She has told the paparazzi when she is going to show her son’s face to her fans.

Bharti Singh told in a conversation with the media that she would soon show the glimpse of the son to everyone and told how her life has changed after becoming a mother. Bharti had shared a photo on social media with Gola in her lap, but her face was not visible in it.

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Will show face after 40 days
In a conversation with the paparazzi, Bharti Singh told that she is waiting for her son Gola to turn 40. Bharti told that she was going to show the glimpse of the baby to the fans only after the birth, but due to the faith of the elders, she did not do so. Bharti said- If I wanted, I would have shown it on the very first day itself, the day I was born, but the elders of the house are not there, they say that they should not show the child now before 40 days. Just waiting for a while. Soon 40 days are going to be there, I have to put all the photos immediately.

got photoshoot done
Bharti further told that she has got Gola’s photoshoot done. In it, she was seen playing with props. He prepared the gola and cute photos of it have come. It’s a lot of fun.

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