Arjun Rampal will find a relationship for Kangana Ranaut, said- ‘I will tell who is capable of him..’

Kangana Ranaut’s Matrimonial Bio: Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal says that he will soon create an account for his co-star Kangana Ranaut on a metropolitan site and find the perfect groom for her. Arjun also tries to present Kangana as a suitable bride, saying that she is a wonderful artist, a god-fearing person who loves yoga, and she is not as sharp as she was made to be. is. He further said, “I will also tell who is worthy of him.”

Actually, Kangana believes that Arjun Rampal is also like her and often keeps making controversial statements. But society trolls him less for being a man and Kangana has to face more criticism for his statements.

Arjun Rampal is also strong

Kangana Ranaut said in an interview that her ‘Dhaakad’ co-star Arjun Rampal is as ‘controversial’ as her. Kangana is often in the news for her controversial statements, and has distanced herself from the larger film industry due to her repeated remarks against prominent personalities.

In a conversation with RJ Siddhartha Kannan, Kangana said that it is the conditioning of the society that Arjun has to face less criticism for his comments, whereas this is not the case with Kangana. Kangana recalled how Arjun presented a nose trimmer to a ‘prominent filmmaker’ as he hated her nose hair. But all this was forgotten by the press. Kangana further said that recently Arjun had said that he travels a lot, so he thinks that he has done some films which he wants to forget.

Kangana speaks in a bold style

Responding to this, Kangana said that the press would have followed her if she had made the same remark. He said, “A man can distance himself from her by saying anything, but if I told someone, that’s it…”. Kangana said, “I think Arjun is very strong, very controversial, he says he does what he says, but he doesn’t get the same response as mine.” To this statement of Kangna, Arjun replied, “I speak with love, Kangana speaks in a slightly louder style.”

Kangana and Arjun will be seen together in espionage thriller ‘Dhaakad’, which is slated to hit the theaters on May 20. Kangana was last seen in the political biopic ‘Thalaivi’, and Arjun was recently seen in the Voot Select series ‘The London Files’.

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