Amjad Khan did not even have money to discharge his wife and son, did not show his face in shame

“When Gabbar Singh’s ‘Sholay’ came to my father, Salim Khan Sahab (writer of Sholay with Javed Akhtar) recommended his name to Ramesh Sippy (director of Sholay). Sholay was to be shot in Ramgarh on the outskirts of Bangalore (about 70 km from Bangalore airport). The plane took off, but there was so much turbulence that day that it had to land 7 times. After that when the plane stopped on the runway, most of the people got out, but my father did not go. She was afraid that if she did not do this film, she would go to Danny Saab (Danny Denzongpa), so he did not get off the plane and then left for a while’.
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