Akshay Kumar told when the trailer of ‘Prithviraj’ will come, click to know the details

Prithviraj Trailer on 9th May: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is ready for the release of his historical film ‘Prithviraj’ these days. Looking at the theme, director Chandraprakash Dwivedi wanted the film to be the most authentic representation of the life of emperor Prithviraj Chauhan and for this, Aditya Chopra, head of Yash Raj Films, converted an entire floor of YRF into a research wing for the film. The trailer of the film will be released on 9 May.

Akshay shared, “When I was narrated the film by Dr. Saab, I was amazed by the research he did while writing this film. Writing and directing a historical is no easy task and I was very impressed that he did Leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we pay the most glorious tribute to the life and valor of Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan.

The film is based on the life and valor of the fearless and mighty emperor Prithviraj Chauhan. Akshay plays the role of the great warrior who fought valiantly against the ruthless invader Muhammad of Ghor. The actor said, “I hope people will like this film and it will become the most authentic reference point for the life of the mighty king.”

The director of the film shared that he wanted to pay the ‘biggest and most wonderful tribute to Emperor Prithviraj’. He said, “We have made every effort to ensure that we are doing the most authentic retelling of the life and times of the mighty Hindu warrior! The first step to such an extraordinary historical endeavor is always research and we are fully committed to this.” Wanted to be more precise.”

“Naturally, I had a lot of material that could be used as reference points for writing the final draft of the film and also as additional literature for us and the actors during the making of the film. could.”

“There were many books, a variety of costumes that were being used as references, armor and weapons, etc., that were brought to the YRF before filming began.” He said, “There were so many things that Aditya Chopra converted an entire floor of YRF into a research wing for ‘Prithviraj’.”

He said, “We kept the research going all the way through to the last day of shooting! Now, we’re looking for a plan to show people all this research work and the teams are working to see if they can do this research.” How can I demonstrate so that people can understand the magnitude.” Debutant Manushi Chhillar will be seen playing the role of King Prithviraj’s beloved Sanyogita and is making her debut with the film. ‘Prithviraj’ will release in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on June 3.

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