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FAUG Game Download APK | FAU-G Game App download Android/iOS Free Beta Version, Trailer News

FAUG Game Download Apk: If you spend most of your day on PUBG mobile, these are definitely the hardest days for you. The government’s recent ban on the PUBG mobile game has prompted many Gamers to look for a Indian alternative.

Keeping this in mind, the game created by the Indian developer was announced overnight – Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar was chosen as the brand ambassador for Encore‘s FAU-G Game.

It is known that a company from Bangalore is going to bring this game. There can be no doubt that the developers of this new game have done a lot to keep the PUBG mobile believers in mind and impress them.

Akshay Kumar mentioned in one of his recent Twitter posts that this is an action game that focuses on giving a high level of entertainment to the gamers. Apart from playing, this game also preaches about the sacrifices of our Indian Armed Forces.

Today, in this article, we are going to give you complete information about the FAUG game. For example, when the FAUG game will be launched?, who is the brand ambassador?,Is FAUG game Beta Version launched For free download?, when is the announcement made?, and where to download the FAUG game? and how to install it in your mobile phone or pc after downloading?, Etc. Whatever you want to know about FAUG game, you will get to know from this article.

When PUBG is banned, Akshay Kumar is bringing FAU-G

Akshay Kumar New Game: Popular children’s game PUBG has been banned. There was a huge craze among children for this Chinese game and now Akshay Kumar has come up with it.

Akshay Kumar has introduced the FAU-G launched against PUBG on his Twitter account. As such, Akshay Kumar’s post is going viral. It is noteworthy that a portion of the proceeds from this game will be donated to the “Bharat Ke Veer” Trust. The trust has been set up by the home ministry.

FAUG Announcement By Akshay

Akshay Kumar tweeted, “It is a great pleasure to present the action game FAU-G in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s self-reliant campaign.” 

Apart from entertainment, players will also be able to learn about the sacrifices of soldiers through it. Some Big Percentages of the proceeds from the game FAU-G will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer Trust For Indian Jawan’s/Solders.

20 per cent of the proceeds from this game will be donated to India in the “Bharat Ke Veer” Trust. The trust was formed after the Pulwama incident. This game is being brought as part of a self-reliant project.

According to Akshay Kumar, games are a very important issue for the younger generation. And this game will give them a wonderful feeling. As well as helping them learn about the Indian Army and their self-sacrifice. Which will attract youngsters to play this game.

PUBG Vs FAUG Download Gameplay – FAUG Game Download

After PUBG was banned in India, Akshay Kumar announced a new game, FAU-G. Ever since the announcement, people have been waiting for when this game will come and want to know how its gameplay will be.

Some people are also seeing FAUG as Pubg’s alternatives. But the company developing FAUG says that the army has no competition with PUBG.


FAU-G Game Full Form

If you are wondering what FAU-G stands for, it means “Fearless and United Guards” in English.

Another interesting thing is that unlike PUBG mobile, the revenue for FAU-G will be driven for classic reasons. Akshay Kumar has said that 20 per cent of the game’s revenue will go to the Bharat Ke Veer Foundation. So, if you buy anything in this game, it means that a part of your fee will go to the soldiers.

Fearless and United-Guards FAU-G. Coming soon!

Before you get too excited about this game, be aware that this game is still in development and there is no definite release date yet.

Also, the developer did not specify on which sites this game will be available. It looks like it will initially launch on Android and then move to iOS. No details about game details, graphics and compatibility.

Is the FAU-G only As of PUBG alternative?

Note: The FAUG game is not an alternative to the PUBG game at all, because the PUBG game was a battle royale game and the FAU-G game it is, it is a game based on the mission of the Indian Army.

While FAU-G is an upcoming alternative to PUBG Mobile, there are already some standard PUBG mobile replacement games available for free. Already is a Call of Duty mobile that is available for free download on Android and iOS.

Call Of Duty | FauG Game Download APK | Fauji Game download Android/iOS App Free
Call Of Dudy Mobile

This game is basically similar to PUBG mobile, but still comes with great graphics and extra maps to hold a variety of matches.

Similarly, there is a FreeFire game as an alternative to PUBG mobile. it is one of the most famous battle royale game as like PUBG. If you are on Android, you can download Fortnite. Despite being banned by Google, Fortnite continues to be a popular alternative to PUBG mobile. Fortnite was not available on iOS due to a recent feud between the developers of Epic Games (Fortnite) and Apple.

When Will FAUG Game Release For Download?

The upcoming action game ‘Fau-G’, whose full name is means – ‘Fearless and United-Guards’. This multi-player action game has been named ‘FAU-G’ under the patronage of Bollywood’s ‘Khiladi‘ Akshay Kumar. 

It is learned that the actual experience of the recent operations of the Indian security forces will be highlighted in the game. The local action game will be launched in October by a company in Bangalore.

FAU-G Game RELEASE DATE: (Expected As) October ENDING! 
FAUG Game Download Instructions will be provided after the release!

FAUG Game’s Highlights

  • The FAU-G game has been announced by Indian publisher nCore Games.
  • Tha FAUG Game is an indian game.
  • FAU-G game announcement comes after ban on PUBG mobile in India.
  • The FAUG game has been developed under mentor-ship of Bollywood’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar.
  • The FAUG’s 20% Of Revenue Goes To “Bharat Ke Veer” Trust.
Size Currently Not Available (Added Soon)
Developer nCore Games [Official Website]
Category Online Games | Mission Games | Action Games
Launch Date October, 2020 [Expected]

How to Download FAUG Game After Its Been Released.

After Released, To download a FAUG game, you have to follow the steps given below.

How To Download FAUG – Android And IOS.

  • Step 1: Go to the  Android Play Store or Apple App Store. on your device.
  • Step 2: Search the FAU-G game in the search bar at the top of the  Android Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Step 3: You will see many games out of which you have to select FAU-G by nCore.
  • Step 4: To download the game, you have to click on the install button, after that you can play the game.

Note: After searching, you will see a lot of fake games in the search result named FAUG Game Download apk. Among them you have to download the same game, which has the developed by Ncore games written in the lower description of the game.

This game is yet to be released, so after release, you can download it from the Play Store for Android, and for Apple from the Apple Store. In addition, you can also download FAUG game APK from the Internet or from the Chrome browser.

How To Download FAUG Game Apk From Browser?

Follow the steps given below for Fau-g apk download:

  1. Go to app store or any apk store first.
  2. Type FauG in the search box.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Now click on the Faug Apk file to download.
  5. Now click on the download button and save the app file in your android device.
  6. Now go to the download folder and open the file for installation.
  7. Allow ‘Install Unknown Application‘ in settings to install the application.
  8. Now open the game, download OBB/graphics File and sign up with your Facebook or Google account.
  9. Now you can play FAU-G game on your Android mobile.

Faug Game Download – iOs

  1. Go to the IOS App Store on your Apple device.
  2. Now enter FAU G in the search box on the top.
  3. Select Fau-g Game which is by nCORE Games.
  4. Now click on download button.
  5. After the game is downloaded you can play it on your ios or Apple device.

About FauG Download Highlights

About Details
Name Fau G – Fearless And United – Guards
Developer Mr. Vishal Gondal & Team
Developer Company nCore Games
Platform Android/ iOs
FauG Download Link Https://Play.Google.Com/Store
Game Type Online Multiplayer (No Battle Royale Like PUBG)
FAUG Mobile Highlights.

FAUG Game For PC & Laptop Free Download

In order to play FAUG Game on PC, desktop (Windows 7 & Windows 10) you just have to follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the Faug Game Official Website or click on this link here [Available Soon].
  2. Go to ‘Download’ section of the website’s homepage.
  3. Now Click on Download FAUG game Button.
  4. Download the FAUG Launcher on your PC.
  5. The FAUG game size is 480 mb (Approx).
  6. After complete downloading FAUG, install the game And Play.

Install FauG Game Apk

Installation Process of FAUG Game and FAUG game official download link will be mentioned here as soon as the game released. You just have to follow the steps below in the guide for installation of Fau G game.

  1. After Downloading the Fau-g Game apk file simply click on ‘Install’.
  2. Now the installation process will begin and it will install the required drivers for the game.
  3. Now Game will download the Downloadable content (maps, skins and other content) for the game.
  4. After installation process gets complete you can run the game on your PC or laptop easily.

FAU-G Game, PC’s Minimum Requirements

faug game download for pc: Also check the system’ Minimum requirements which are given below:

  1. CPU – Core i5-7360U 2.4GHz And Above
  2. RAM – 4GB (8GB Recommended)
  3. Available HDD Space – 4GB And Above
  4. OS- Windows 7,8,10, 32 Bit (Recommended 64 Bit)
  5. GPU – Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580

PC Recommended Requirements

GAU-G indian game recommended requirements For Pc are given below:

  1. CPU – Core i7-6970HQ
  2. RAM – 8GB And Above
  3. OS- Windows 10, 64 Bit
  4. Monitor – 4K monitor with Intel HD Graphics
  5. GPU – DirectX11 NVIDIA – Geforce GTX 660/Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 or In AMD – Radeon HD 7870
  6. Available HDD Space – 10GB

FAUG Game Download Apk Overview

About Details
Announced By Akshay Kumar
Name of App FAU-G Game App
Full form of FAUG Fearless And United – Guards
App type Mission Game
Download Link [Available Soon]
Launched by Ncore Games

Click Here To Download Instructions Of FAU-G

Details About FAU-G Game Apk

The game is based on the real situations faced by the Indian security forces to deal with domestic and foreign threats. The game is expected to launch by the end of October.

Its first-level will be set against the backdrop of Galvan Valley. It looks like there will be tertiary shooting games in the releases that come after that. The game is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

FAUG announcement by Vishal Gondal

Vishal Gondal, founder and chairman of Gaming Publishers, said: “We are proud to present a world-class game to the world in support of Prime Minister Modi’s initiative. This will help the players to fight the evil forces in a virtual setting and a portion of the proceeds will be used for the martyrs of our country, so the players indirectly contribute to the welfare of the country.

Co-founder and CEO Dayanidhi MG added, “We have a deep experience in different genres, especially mid-core games. We managed to define genre MOBA games like WineClory of Super Evil Megacorp for global audiences. We have worked with global studios like Rovio. We have an experienced team. We are constantly expanding to combine more and better talents. We focus on creating games where Indian gamers can relate to themselves while playing. ”

‘Fauji (FAU-G)’ means soldier in Hindi. As such, it would be a great thing if this game could be a tool of entertainment for the younger community playing this game as well as nurturing patriotism !!

FAU-G Game Poster Fake Or Not?

No, this poster is not fake, but this poster has been purchased from the Shutterstock website for temporary propose, which is legal.

While this game has not been released yet, wait till then for the original post. Because we think that when this game is released, then the real and unique poster of this game will also be released.

Akshay Kumar announced the game by tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his official Twitter handle. At the same time in this post he also launched a poster of this game. After that the debate started. The poster that FAU-G has created is actually a poster of the popular American band Collision of Innocence’s song Today We Rise. 

Some people have lamented that at least the poster would have had some uniqueness. Someone has jokingly said that “when the whole game is fake then what is the benefit of making real posters.”

Although a part of the netizens with swords against this criticism. According to Major’s, the poster is not fake, this poster of Shutterstock is purchasable. So it is not illegal to buy this poster and use it.

Through this game, gamers will be able to understand the sacrifice of Indian soldiers – Said Akshay Bhai.

Under the guidance of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, a multiplayer action game called FAU-G is expected to be launched soon. 20% of its net income will be donated to the “Bharat Ke Veer” Foundation.

You can also help bharat ke veer financially
You can also help bharat ke veer financially

[Click Here To Contribute To Bharat Ke Veer Foundation].

The Bharat Ke Veer Trust is a platform that pays homage and support to the brave warriors of India.

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of the AtmaNirbhar movement, a Bengaluru-based gaming publisher will soon launch a new multiplayer mid-core gaming headline called “Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G)”.

Actor Akshay Kumar says, “For young people in India, gaming is becoming an important form of entertainment. When they play FAU-G, I hope they learn about the sacrifices of our “Jawans” and make their own contribution to the families of the martyrs. At the same time, each of us has the potential to strengthen Prime Minister Modi‘s spirit of self-determination for India. ”

Based on the information available so far, I think, this game is being made based on the battles of other countries with the Indian army. The teaser of this game has already come out. It is expected that this game will be brought to the Play Store soon. Milind Deora has expressed his support for this game. 

However, it is understood that this game is going to be interesting enough. It is also understood that many people have become interested in this game in the hope of a dependent India project.

See More: FAUG Details.

Frequently Asked Questions About FAUG Game Download

What is a FAUG?

FAUG is a online game made against PUBG. And the developer of this game is an Indian.

When will FAU-G game release?

According to the official announcement and news website, this game may be released by the last of October.

Which country’s Developers is likely to make “FAUG game”?

The FAUG game is created or developed by Indian developer Vishal Gondal and his team.

What will be the size of FAU-G game?

According to the official announcement and news website, this game will be of Hi Graphics and hence the size of this game will be from 1.5 to 2 GB.

Will the FAUG game be for mobile or pc?

Mobile games are the most in demand, so this game will come first for mobile users and after that this game can also come for PC or laptop.

FAUG will be a battleground or mission based game?

Like PUBG game, FAUG game will not be based on the battleground, but this game will be based on the missions of the Indian Army.

In FAUG game how much player can play in squad?

The squads of this game have not been officially mentioned yet but people believe that this game can have a squad of 4 to 10 people (Include SOLO).

How much money Akshay Kumar took to promote FAUG game?

It has not been informed yet, because ever since Akshay Kumar has promoted this game, since then only people are searching and only getting information about this game i.e. Download, Squad Info, Indian Army, Or BKV Trust Etc.

What are the requirements for playing FAUG in your device (Mobile)?

To play this game your device should have minimum 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. And if you want to play this game in high graphic, then you will need a good processor and super amoled display in it.

How To Install FAUG When Released?

Goto Play Store >> Search For FAU-G >> Select The Game And Click On Install Button >> After Installation Complete, Sign Up From google or fb account >> Now, the game is ready to play.

How to download FAUG Game for PC?

Go to Microsoft Store >> Login With your Microsoft Account >> Search for FAUG By nCore >> Click on install
>> Ready To Play.

What Is The Minimum Requirements For FAU-G Game (PC)?

>> 4GB Of Ram (Minimum) (8GB – Recommended)
>> 512GB Of Internal Storage.
>> Windows 7+ [Windows 7, 8 Or 10]
>> 2GB Graphics Card

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